Keep Up with Trends: Grow Your Business with Shopify Hardware POS Solution

If you are a business owner in these challenging times, you must be looking for ways to improve your eCommerce. You need the tools to deliver a seamless online and offline experience, but sourcing for best quality resources is not an easy task. That being said, getting Shopify hardware POS might be the best solution for all your needs.

You can make selling in-person and online a powerful combination. Your customers can buy from wherever they want to buy and you get to combine the efficiency of eCommerce with the engaging nature of shopping in-store. That’s why you need a fully-featured hardware collection to help you deliver a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

What Is Shopify POS Hardware?

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Back in 2006, it was an eCommerce pioneer, in 2013 it expanded to iPad POS and today it’s almost everywhere around the retail world. Shopify POS is an integrated POS solution that includes a hardware and software component. So, you can sell in-store, online and on the go and it can help you track every purchase easily.

The Shopify hardware is powered by a Point of Sale (POS) app that can help you sell anywhere and accept any payment. Also, you can sell products and accept payments on any device and it will automatically update your orders, customer data and inventory. You can find Shopify hardware POS that can help you manage every aspect of your business.

All you need to do is connect Shopify’s portable hardware to your mobile device and take your business with you wherever you may go. Shopify hardware is powered by the Point of Sale app and is designed to help you sell anywhere and build lasting customer relationships. To figure out the best Shopify hardware for your business, consider a few factors, including your device, your Shopify plan, your credit card processor and your country.

Shopify POS is optimized for iPads for in-store selling and iPhones for mobile sales. There is an Android version of the app as well, but it doesn’t have as many features or hardware options as the iPad or the iPhone version.

iPad Stands

Shopify sells its own branded iPad stands. It’s always a good idea to attach your stand to the counter, so you can flip or detach your iPad from the base to allow customers to view their products or assist buyers around the store. For that purpose, you can get an optional mounting kit from Shopify.

Cash Drawers

A cash drawer can help you secure your cash and connect it to your POS app, so it will open whenever a cash sale is processed. However, your particular selling needs may determine your hardware needs, so if you are a cashless business, then you won’t need a cash drawer.

Receipt Printers

They can be found in a wired, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. They use thermal printing technology and can help you print your receipts quickly.

Barcode Printers

Most retail stores use barcodes for their inventory items. Barcode printers can help you easily print 1D barcodes, which are the standard ones, and also 2D barcodes, also known as QR codes.

Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner allows you to easily scan your products and add them to your cart quickly. This way you can reduce line ups and wait time for customers, which they will certainly appreciate.

Star mPOP Solution

A Star mPOP is an all-in-one kit, which includes an internal power supply, iPad stand, cash drawer and receipt printer. So, instead of purchasing these items separately, you can get a Star mPOP kit and save yourself some precious time.


Investing in a bundle is an easy and cost-effective way to get all the equipment you need, but more importantly, to make sure you get all the right stuff. Shopify offers a few hardware bundles, so you can go through each one of them and select the one that suits your needs the most.

Benefits of Using Shopify POS

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Costs Reduction

Shopify POS is a cost-effective solution thanks to the reduction in integration cost that comes as a result of its use. It was initially designed for small to medium retail businesses, however, it’s reaching out to larger organisations lately thanks to its affordability and ease to use.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Design

Shopify POS features an excellent design, which makes navigating the system simple and easy. Once you’ve opened the app, it won’t take you long to realise how easy it is to go through the basic front- and back-end features by yourself. Its user-friendly design is ideal for merchants who don’t have much time for training, so they may find the system very appealing.

Less Stress at the Work Place

An intuitive interface and excellent customer service can easily create a less stressful environment at the workplace, which can be beneficial for your business. Shopify POS takes payments quickly and easily, tracks and manages inventory across sales channels and accepts any form of payment including gift cards, custom payment types, split tenders and partial payments.

Exceptional Experience for Your Customers

Customers expect shopping to be simple on every channel, from your physical store to your online store and Shopify POS hardware can make meeting those expectations easier thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. You can reach new audiences by selling your products at pop-ups, markets, fairs and more.

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