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Keeping Up with Trends: Elevate Your Bathroom’s Style with the Right Furniture

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are renovating a bathroom, but furniture plays a key role both in the functionality and the style of your bathroom. When it comes to functionality, bathroom furniture gives you the opportunity to store everything you might need in it, and keep your bathroom neat and well organised. And when it comes to style, the furniture has the ability to tie everything together in beautiful design composition, add colour, create focal points and so on.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, there are several types of furniture you may include in it. Whether you decide to use everything, or you go for one or two furniture pieces, they can help you make the best of it and maximise the space. Furthermore, you can use the bathroom furniture as the thing that will connect this room with the overall home design, while also making sure that it creates a beautiful luxurious look for the entire bathroom, tying together the walls, the floors, the window coverings, and all the elements that go in this very important room.


bathroom cabinets design
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While other furniture pieces can be optional, cabinets are a must for most bathrooms. Cabinets can come in many different forms. You can get modern shaving cabinets or mirror cabinets that go over the basin, you can get floor mounted or wall mounted cabinets for additional storage, you can get cabinets below the basin, etc. While all of them are important and can make a huge difference in your bathroom, the most popular one is the bathroom shaving cabinet, which typically goes over the basin, especially if you don’t have a huge bathroom.

There are many reasons to look for shaving cabinets for sale when you are renovating your bathroom. These extremely convenient furniture pieces combine the two objects that are definitely indispensable for any bathroom – a mirror or more mirrors and storage space. Of course, there are many mirrors in different stunning designs, with lights, in interesting shapes, framed or frameless, etc., and there are separate cabinets in different beautiful designs. So there are many homeowners that decide to go in this direction.

Nevertheless, there is one important reason why it’s much more common to see a shaving cabinet over the basin, instead of only a flush mirror. While the name suggests that, they are used for much more than just shaving. It’s recommended that you know in advance what you are going to use it for. This can help you choose the right one for you. Typically, wall-mounted shaving cabinets are quite shallow furniture pieces, but if you want to use them for storage, you can make sure to go for a deeper one.

You can also get deeper wall-mounted or floor-mounted cabinets without mirrors that can go on one side of the basin, or in bigger bathrooms on any wall, which can give you even more storage space. You can use them for towels, beauty and personal hygiene products or cleaning products. If you have space, you should definitely think about adding some kind of cabinets for extra storage, regardless of whether you have a shaving cabinet or not.


wall shelves and mirror shaving cabinet
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Shelves are another great option for storage. They can look beautiful regardless of the size of your bathroom, and for very small bathrooms they offer you the perfect storage place for the most necessary grooming and beauty products or personal hygiene products. A shelf under the mirror can be a great alternative to shaving cabinets, for a smaller bathroom that won’t be used for showering or taking baths.

In bigger bathrooms, aside from additional storage space for towels or personal hygiene and beauty products, shelves can give you the perfect opportunity for including decoration, such as decorative vases, candles, art prints or other decorative elements. Furthermore, while shelves may seem like a pretty simple object, they also come in many different designs, so you can find some that can elevate your bathroom style significantly.


bathroom vanities
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Regardless of whether you are remodelling a master or a guest bath, bathroom vanities are another great storage furniture option to consider, that will not only make it more functional but can also do wonders for the overall aesthetics. Bathroom vanities come in different styles and in different sizes.

These cabinets also hold the basins and they are often seen as a much more aesthetically pleasing option than stand-alone basins. Vanities can hold different types of basins, they can come as one piece, or the basin can be mounted additionally to the furniture piece. Vanities can feature shelves and drawers, they are deeper than wall mounted mirror cabinets, so they can offer you a lot of storage space.

Furthermore, you can find vanities and shaving cabinets for sale that come as a set, or you can buy them separately. If you want to use both of these furniture pieces, with additional cabinets or without any, if you don’t buy them as a set – one that’s made in the same style, design, with the same colour, material and finish, then you should make sure that you find pieces that go well together as well as complement the bathroom fixtures as well as the overall style of your home.

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