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Kobelco Presents The SK210LC And SK350LC Excavators

Kobelco is a well-known American manufacturer of excavators. It offers few crawler excavators ranging from 1,360 kg up to 81,640 kg. The Kobelco excavators are ideal for construction, road-building, landscape, material handling, site preparation and many other applications. In its line of excavators. Kobelco includes: standard excavators, compact excavators, long-reach excavators and zero-tail-swing excavators. With many innovative and unique features, the Kobelco excavators are used all over the world. Recently, Kobelco introduced two excavator models: SK350LC and SK210LC.

Kobelco SK350LC

The SK350LC excavator is equipped with a Tier 4 HINO engine that significantly improves the fuel efficiency and the hydraulic system. With 270 horsepower, this Kobelco excavator keeps the productivity on a high level. Its comes with a three engine modes: standard, economic and heavy-duty. The operators can switch modes for lower fuel consumption or for maximum power, depending on the nature of the work. When the heavy-duty mode is activated, the excavators get a 10% more power for additional digging capacity.


Made from cast and forged steel materials, the SK350LC is designed for heavy-duty operations. It also features a standard rock guard and wide welds for rock protection, while its robust undercarriage with heavy-duty tracks enables the excavator to travel on any surface. The Kobelco SK350LC comes with innovative KOMEX machine operation management system, which provides the operators important information about the machine, such as fuel consumption, operating hours, location, maintenance status, engine status, etc.

Kobelco SK210LC

This model is one of those excavators which are not known as powerful machines, but as extremely efficient. With a HINO engine and 157 horsepower range, the SK210LC also comes with three engine operating modes: standard, economic and heavy-duty mode. The operators in the cabin can easily switch from one mode to another by pressing simply one button. It has an independent travel feature that allows the operators to lift, move and swing without stopping and losing power. Made from forged and reinforced steel, the SK210LC is designed for heavy and tough applications.


The Kobelco SK210LC has a spacious and comfy cabin with a wide-access for easy entrance. The cabin includes many innovative and unique features which improve the working experience of the operators. And like the other Kobelco excavators, this model also comes with a KOMEX machine system management which gives the operators vital information.

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