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Ladies Handbags – 2015 Styles And Trends To Watch

Ladies handbags are considered woman’s best friends, since they keep all their ‘secrets’ and essentials.

A handbag does not only fit all your essentials, but is in fact an important accessory that completes your look, regardless of the outfit and style. Hence, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and investing in stylish new ladies handbags is an unwritten rule you must follow.

Although summer is coming to an end and it’s all about fall/winter accessories, it’s not too late to pamper yourself with a new summer/spring handbag. Will the style be in fashion next year, you may ask. When it comes to ladies handbags , styles do not change as much. It is the new designs that drive fashion trends.


So why not get a crossbody bag, a clutch or a tote that is in some sense universal, a handbag that is always in fashion, regardless of the trend. Plus, let’s not forget how good of a deal you’ll make. All retailers slash the prices of ladies handbags at the end of each season to make room for new inventory. Take advantage of this opportunity. And with saved money get yourself a new handbag for the season. Here are the styles you must own this fall/winter season.

#1 Big handbags, although ruling the fashion world for years, this season are in the second place as small and medium sized handbags are clearly taking over the throne. Still, oversized handbags are the preferable trend for 2015 for many known designers, such as Moschino and Ralph Lauren.

#2 Shoulder bags, being so versatile, comfortable and specious, have certainly succeeded in creating a trend of their own. This season designers are taking shoulder bags to the next level and offering stylish designs in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

#3 Satchel bags will also mark this fall/winter season and are even major looks for some of the biggest designer names in the industry (Dior, Bottega Veneta). Also available in numerous shapes, prints, textures and shades to meet the style demands of any woman.

#4 Sac voyages and briefcase style handbags are another 2015 trend to watch. Creating a unique trend some designers believe is here to stay, these bags offer the greatest variety of interpretations, thus are the perfect accessory to any look and style.

#5 Envelope and folder bags are still the popular choice among the basic looks of renowned fashion designers and brands. These bags are versatile and perfectly compliment variety of looks, from everyday styles to party-ready glamour.

#6 Classic clutches are also ‘in’ this fashion season. From attending theater plays and luxurious restaurant dinners to parties and so on, classic clutches are the must-have accessory that can compliment any look. And let’s not forget that a clutch is also a perfect everyday casual accessory that will make everyday look super chic.

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