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Landscape Design Trends: Create an Intriguing Scene with a Weeping Mulberry

For some unfortunate reason, I never got the chance to live in a house and own a large yard in my youth. I spent my entire life in apartments and on top of it, I was changing them most of the time. In the last neighbourhood I lived in, across the street of my residential building was a row of houses, all of them with stunning yards. People were grateful for these little pieces of heaven and took some really good care of them. One woman was particularly obsessed with her front yard – she believed that the way visitors perceive your front yard has a huge influence on how they see you as a person. So she was determined to design and decorate her landscape by the book.

I liked this woman. She was kind and had a very good and positive attitude which made her very pleasant to be around. Every Saturday she would call me for a cup of coffee on her front porch and we would talk about her stunning roses, about how she wants to shape a few trees and how she wants one day to have a small fountain installed. With all the talks we had about plants, decorative trees and trimming techniques, I really got the desire to own a yard. Which I do now. Finally!


This time I decided to get a small house and fulfil my wish to take care of a yard like so many people do. I found out that to them it’s kind of a relaxation activity, something that entertains them and keeps their mind together at the same time. Besides, a well-designed front yard? Social points in the neighbourhood: ka-ching!

So excited by my determination to try out my landscaping skills, the first thing I did was looking for an advanced trees Melbourne based store. Advanced trees are already grown trees to some point, so all you need to do is just either place them where you plan, or plant them in the ground, if it’s more appealing to you. I started with the advanced trees because I wanted some degree of privacy, and when it comes to natural barrier, time is not on my side and trees or bushes, they do need some time to grow.


From the vast offer of advanced trees Melbourne retailers have, I chose the Weeping Mulberry, or known as Morus Alba Pendula. The Weeping Mulberry is the type of decorative tree that has a very rich and luscious, usually heart-shaped leaves in strong green colour. It also gives fruits which are at first white in colour, but as they ripe, they turn to deep pink. The growing and maintaining procedure is fairly easy and these trees can be easily grown in a large planter. You just need to take care of a few important points:

  • The soil should be moist, humus-rich and fertile. It is very important to be kept away from too dry or cold winds;
  • Bleeding should be prevented by scheduled trimming in late autumn and early winter;
  • Position it so it gets as much sun as possible as this tree favours full sun.

The Weeping Mulberry as a decorative tree can do a lot for the looks of a yard, since it grows about 4 metres in height and 5 metres in width of the leaf-crown. And when all that green colour blooms in its best shape, it’s more than sure that your landscape would get a whole new look.

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