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Regardless of how tough world economy is, there is one consumer group that will always have the power to dictate new shopping trends. No, we are not referring to high-paid celebrities, but to more ordinary women – moms. Moms will do even the most quirkiest things to ensure baby’s happiness, which is why they set the trends when it comes to shopping for baby toys and clothes, feeding, bathing and caring in general. Is your baby due this year? If it is, forget about gender-reveal baby shower cakes, video game inspired baby names, chevron decorations for nursery and pregnancy reveals on social media sites. Here’s what’s trendy this year.

Royal Fever – We all anxiously awaited the birth of royal baby and closely followed Kate Middleton’s choices of sleek and elegant maternity outfits. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her first son on July 22, 2013, but her maternity moment styles will surely stay memorable. From simple dresses and comfortable shoes to classic silhouettes, prints and polka dots, simple yet beautiful Kate’s maternity look is a new fashion trends among expectant moms.

Breastfeeding – Growing number of moms are becoming more aware of all the benefits breastfeeding features. Numerous studies have shown that breastfed babies have lower chances of developing allergies and various other diseases such as ear infections, stomach viruses, respiratory diseases, etc. Also, breastfeeding boosts intelligence and reduces risks of becoming obese.


Breast Milk Jewelry – And as breastfeeding is gaining back its popularity, a trend of breast milk jewelry will surely contribute to this. Yes, you read correct. Sellers on Etsy are transforming breast milk into keepsake pendants for moms to wear and always be reminded of special moments spent with baby.

What’s Your Name – The 2013 color of the year is emerald which is why many experts predict a rise in names related to color green, such as Emerald, Green, Forest, Olive and Hunter. And of course, let’s not forget that 2013 is all about royalty. Thus, it will be no surprise if many parents look at the royal family tree for name inspiration.

Baby Fashion – When it comes to baby clothes, moms simply love dressing up their babies and keeping them looking stylish. You can have your baby looking his/her best all the time without paying top dollar by shopping online. Browse for baby clothes Australia and you’ll be pretty surprised at the number of retailers you get in your search. This year graphic prints, animal and floral prints, various patterns and of course, emerald green are the newest baby fashion trends.


‘Sip&See’ Parties – Forget about baby showers (unless this is your first baby) and throw a ‘Sip&See’ party so your friends and family can meet your newborn. Make a list and invite everyone over for a barbecue and drinks without putting a pressure on anyone for a baby present. You’ll celebrate the birth of your new baby and others will have the opportunity to meet the new family star.

Early Sharing – Remember the traditional 12-weeks rule before you announce pregnancy. Well, that’s so last year. Moms these days are sharing their pregnancy news way sooner and it seems as if this trend is here to stay.

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