Latest Cabinetry Trends


Nowadays, it seems as if everything is becoming a trend – health, beauty, fashion, cars, etc. And yes, while majority of people have always been very much in tune with latest makeup and fashion styles, there is growing public awareness of a new popular trend – cabinetry. We have to admit that cabinet styles have changed greatly in the past decade. Move over 90’s and ‘the more, the better’ look and welcome sleek, sophisticated, comfortable and functional design. And this is becoming a popular trend in all industries.

For example, even dental cabinet makers have adopt the fashionable contemporary style – very little or no carved details, framed cabinet doors and a perfect mix of shapes, accessories and colors. The often used wenge color, stainless steel handles and sleek design are No.1 choice of majority homeowners. The main reason for this is the fact that this style fits any kind of home or office design. It also conveys comfort and higher social status and is thus a bit pricey compared to some other styles. If you’re however looking for this design in particular, but are on a slim budget, browse online for new kitchen cabinets Melbourne and find many cabinet makers that can meet your needs at a decent price.

Another popular cabinetry style are tilt-up cabinet doors. These cabinet doors are wider but shorter and can be installed either horizontally or stacked on top of each other. Due to the fact that doors feature upward opening, this cabinet style is a great solution for small spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, bathroom cabinet makers claim that this the most sought-after style growing number of homeowners incorporate in their bathroom designs. Another advantage is that usually these cabinet doors feature frosted glass which generates the illusion of spaciousness. The glass effect is also one of the more popular features of bedroom designs along with mirrors. This is simply because these materials contribute to overall roomy feeling. Almost all built in wardrobes Melbourne designers will certainly recommend this style as No.1 choice for small space living.

However, regardless of whichever cabinetry trend is currently popular, make sure you choose a style that best fits your needs. The most important thing is to keep it simple, comfortable and functional.

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