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Latest Cheese Trends


Cheese is one of most commonly used dairy products. Made out of milk, cheese comes in various flavors and forms. Due to increased international integration between countries, new types of cheese are available on the market such as yellow, smoked, soft, hard, etc. Because many dishes taste better with cheese and because it has relatively long shelf life, is why this dairy product is so popular and widely used. Also, because it is loaded with calcium, cheese is very healthy and should be consumed daily, in moderation of course.

Every year, cheese consumption grows and shows no signs of slowing down. New sorts and brands emerge on the market and cheese makers use new and innovative cheese making equipment to create new flavors of this irresistible dairy product. Let’s take France for example. This country is known for its cheeses and it has 365 different types. And French cheese makers continue to create new delicious cheeses using innovative techniques and high-tech cheese making tools.

Today rapid progress and developments in technology allow Australian cheese makers to use advanced cheese making equipment in order to create innovative dairy products with high quality. In fact, cheese makers are adopting new trends in order to give a whole new meaning to this super delicious and healthy dairy product. They carefully pick out the most qualitative ingredients and design various aging processes depending on the type, texture and form of cheese. And all this is being printed on the packaging to better inform consumer of each product. Furthermore, they are focusing on providing nutritional facts on all cheese products, educating consumers why cheese is good for their health.

Many cheese making companies nowadays offer cheese in different sizes, forms and packages such as grated, sliced and cubed cheese making it more convenient for consumers. These dairy products are available in almost any supermarket. Some of the newest cheese products available today are:

  • Kerrygold Skellig – Manufactured by the Irish dairy board, this sweet cheddar cheese has a firm and creamy texture. It also has an apple-like flavor that gives cheese sweetness. It is made with artificial hormones free milk from grass fed cows.
  • Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked Cheese – This Norwegian cheese is cold smoked. This natural process of smoking gives cheese a beautiful caramel color.
  • Sincerely Brigitte Cheese – This line of cheese comes in 6 different flavors: Garlic Basil which has aroma of basil and garlic, Jalapeno Cilantro with the aroma of cilantro, Chipotle featuring smoked and spicy flavors of grilled chipotle, Parsley Chive which is the combination of fresh herbs, Tomato Olive which is a combination of green and black olives and Blue Marble Cheddar, a beautiful combination of blue and cheddar cheese.
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