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Growing number of people are nowadays focusing on creating a private, luxurious and comfortable refugee within their own homes. They want a warm place to get away at the end of a long, hard working day; a place where they can spend memorable moments with their families and friends. That is why it is important to create an inviting living area. It is important to make every room of your home feel cozy, specious and warm. Do not be afraid to design and decor your home so it expresses your personality as it is not simply a place where you live, but where you create and grow as well. Thus, don’t be afraid to be bold. Read on to find out which are the latest home designs trends.

Accent It With Brass – It is important to include accent pieces in every room of your home. It will add to the texture and unique style of the room design. And the best way to accessorize is with brass. Versatile, rich and super stylish, brass goes with anything and will make your home feel warmer. Of course, be careful not to overdo it. Therefore, why not, for example, replace old cabinet hardware with new brass and antique-looking handles. This cheap fix up will instantly add character to your kitchen and in a matter of hours you’ll have best kitchen cabinets in the neighborhood.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Great way to make a room feel specious is by including mirrors. And according to latest design trends, mirrors are not just for hanging. They are present in almost every piece of furniture and accessory. For example, it seems as if mirrored chandeliers and ceiling lights is a big trend for 2013. Designers are even incorporating mirrors in working areas and hallways by designing mirrored desks and consoles.

Be Inspired By Africa – Tribal-inspired pieces have greatly shaped interior design trends in the last decade and surely deserve a respectful place in this industry since it looks as if they are here to stay. Then, why not bring Africa into your home as well. From woven baskets, beads-embellished pillows and accent rugs to dinning chairs, side tables, settees and wallpaper patterns, you’ll surely make your home feel as adventurous safari.

Go Green – And no, we’re not referring to Eco-friendly living. This year it’s all about green color, emerald to be more specific. But, of course any shade of green will certainly hit the jackpot. So, why not color your kitchen green, for example. Or maybe, you can accent your safari living room with nice green ottoman or bench chair. Let your imagination guide you to a new stylish home.

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