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Latest Trends In Cpap Alternatives

Cpap Alternatives

The CPAP treatment is considered as the most effective for patients who suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea. Patients use various sleep apnea machines depending on the condition. These machines deliver proper air pressure while sleeping, and prevent any air blockage. However, some people find it difficult to get used to the CPAP treatment, thus use other CPAP alternatives that are also quite effective. Some people might feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable when wearing CPAP masks, even though they come in various designs. Because of this, patients choose other CPAP alternatives as a solution for their OSA problem. If you feel uncomfortable with sleep apnea machines, here are some of the latest CPAP alternatives trends you may want to consider.

Oral Appliances – If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a CPAP mask, then you should consider oral cpap alternatives. Instead of using sleep apnea machines, use dental appliances which will move the tongue and the lower jaw forward. When compared with other CPAP alternatives, these oral appliances are an effective choice, especially for the OSA patients that feel claustrophobic or cannot sleep with a Cpap mask.

Provent Therapy – Another alternative to the sleep apnea machines is the Provent therapy. What makes this CPAP alternative a better choice than sleep apnea machines is the simple design consisted of only two small patches. The Provent eliminates the need for using big and uncomfortable sleep apnea machines. You will be able to breathe freely with the help of two patches that are inserted into your nostrils. The minute you inhale, the valve opens and receives enough air to breath normally. When you exhale the valve closes and forces out the air.

Positional Therapy – Before you start using different CPAP sleep apnea machines, you should try a positional therapy. Positional therapy is another CPAP alternative that does not require sleep apnea machines or other Cpap devices. It is all about changing your sleeping position. Lying on your back while sleeping can cause sleep apnea. The traditional trick to prevent this is to attach a sock or a tennis ball on the back of your pyjama shirt to ensure you do not sleep on your back.

Acupuncture – Even though not associated directly with the sleep apnea problems, acupuncture is one of the latest trends when it comes to CPAP alternatives. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects, many OSA patients witness great results in reducing sleep apnea symptoms. However, doctors recommend using this CPAP alternative as a complementary rather than as a stand-alone treatment.

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