Latest trends in direct marketing


There has been a significant improvement in direct mail marketing due to the fact that everything changes so fast and managers use different ways to present and promote their business and make it stand out from others.What matters most in direct marketing is the positive feedback from customers. US based companies are familiar with this as they are far more advanced in the field of direct mail services and serve as an example to businesses situated in other countries.

Direct mail marketing is getting more popular in Australia as telecommunication, IT, printing and other companies want to better promote products, services and achieve higher recognition in their respective industry. According to the Australian direct marketing CEO Jodie Sangster, direct marketing is constantly changing and the newest trends are channel proliferation, data overload and privacy concerns. Since world is overloaded with more than one channels and there is almost no privacy, it is hard to regulate marketing.


One of the current and most effective trends in direct mail marketing tips are bulk direct mail services. Companies send large scales of articles to target audience trying to acquire new potential customers. These include flyers, brochures and even sample products which can better present the new product and promote business. Bulk mail is very secure and reliable marketing technique as it relies on updated and truthful mail list provided by Australian post office.

Bulk direct mail marketing is also a very cost-effective tool. And reason is the fact that 80% of people still read their mail on a regular basis and not only bank and credit card statements and utility bills, but different bulletins, flyers and any other type of promotional material. This is why you should create unique and eye-catching promotional material that will instantly grab the attention of your potential customers.  You can share detailed information about your business, services and products, but make sure the message is easy to understand, short and get to the point fast.

Another talked-about direct marketing trend is mobile application. Steve Surman, a digital marketer claims that mobile app is the next ‘it’ thing in the world of direct mail services. This channel is designed not to supplant direct mail marketing, but to improve it as it will reach greater audience. It is known that today’s world revolves around new software applications installed on mobile phones and tablets. And sooner or later, people will be able to check their regular mail on their cell phones, so why not take advantage of it.

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