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Male Pattern Baldness: Is Hair Tattoo A New Trend?

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only one freaking out about hair. Men too are constantly trying different looks and hair lengths, from clean buzz look to androgynous hairstyle. And with the increased number of men who suffer from male pattern baldness, the clean shaved look is becoming one of the favourite hairstyles among male population. Hence, the popularity of new trend in hair loss treatments – hair tattoo.


Baldness comes in different forms, from only slight receding hairline to complete baldness. Usually a result of genetic inheritance, hair loss can also occur due to other illness, harsh medications, long-term stress, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Although it is one of the major health problems of the modern world, what’s surprising is that cure for baldness is yet to be found. There are many different solutions available, from pills, injections and topical remedies to hair transplantation, but none help stimulate new hair growth. They help slow the hair loss process or camouflage baldness, but do not solve the problem. One of the more popular male pattern baldness treatments seems to be hair tattooing. At least among men.

Hair tattoo, medically known as scalp micropigmentation, is suitable for men, regardless of the age, skin type and colour and hair loss stage. During the hair tattooing process, pigment blends are tattooed into the dermal layer of the skin of the scalp. To create a realistic illusion of a shaved head similar to patient’s natural hair colour, scalp micropigmentation specialists use different pigment colours and shades, deposit sizes, angles and penetration depths. This treatment is also known to heal head burns, birthmarks and scars.

Pain free, drug free, non surgical procedure is becoming a trend among men who suffer from male pattern baldness. There is minimum or no recovery time and results are visible after first treatment. And given the fact that hair tattoo is about 3 times cheaper than hair transplant procedure, no wonder growing number of men are into short buzz hairstyle. The whole procedure requires about 3-4 treatment sessions, depending on the extent of hair loss and not including consultations.

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