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Mattress Trends for 2016: Springs Mattress is Making a Comeback

Mattress Trends

With the amount of stress every one of us has to endure during a day, one thing I’m really looking forward to at the end of the day, is crashing in my bed and having a good night’s sleep before having to wake up early in the morning again and start all over again. Despite the obligations like work, we also tend to cut out on sweet sleep time for additional activities that comes to kick us in the back the next morning.

Strangely enough, some people manage to successfully go by with less than the optimal amount of slept, which according to doctors, is 7-9 hours. The secret to their success is something they might not even give enough credit to – the mattress. Simply put, the quality of the mattress has a huge effect on the quality of sleep we are getting.

If you are a single, tall person, like myself, the type of mattress you are probably looking for is the king single bed mattress. It’s dimensions are 92cm x 187cm, but this might slightly vary from model to model. It doesn’t take as much space as the king or queen sized beds, and is significantly cheaper. So unless you’re planning to have a partner sleeping next to you on regular basis, it’s the perfect choice.

In 2016, the mattress trends have gone back from foam mattresses to spring/coils, and for a number of good reasons. Spring king single bed mattresses, unlike it’s memory foam counterpart does not emit an odd chemical odor and additional heat. Additionally, a spring mattress can be unpacked and immediately used, since you won’t need to wait for it to expand to it’s original size.

The spring mattresses are cheaper, because the technology used in their construction is pretty basic. Simplicity can often pay out, as it does with this technology. Furthermore, spring mattresses do not produce additional body heat, due to their great ventilation, and the fact that they don’t rely on heat to adjust to your body.

However, besides the mattress type, there are still some personal preferences that you have to take into account, like the firmness for example. It’s of great importance that the mattress properly supports your spine, as well as your entire body. The mattress you decide to go for should be comfortable and with a firm support. In order to accomplish this, you should take your time to do proper research and read a good chunk of reviews to determine what is best for you.

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