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Mining Trends: Caterpillar Hybridizes the Excavator

Caterpillar was among the first manufacturers in the world that included hybrid technology in its products. In 2012, Caterpillar introduced the new hybrid excavator- 336E H. This hybrid machine is designed to deliver better results and powerful performance on the job site. Today, the Caterpillar excavators that use hybrid technology are well accepted on the market because they are clean and eco-friendly machines.


Caterpillar includes hybrid technology in its machines by relying on electrical energy storage. With reduced complexity and other innovative features, the customers all around the world can benefit from the new Caterpillar excavators that incorporate the hybrid technology. The new Caterpillar excavators, like the 336E hybrid excavator, provide fuel savings of up to 20% when compared with the 336E non-hybrid excavators. The following three factors enhance the fuel efficiency of the hybrid models:

  • Re-used energy by the hydraulic hybrid swing system;
  • The 336E H Caterpillar excavators feature Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable pump, which conserves fuel with engine power management;
  • The new Caterpillar excavators feature Cat Adaptive Control System valve, which optimizes the performance of the excavators by using restriction management;

These Caterpillar excavators were developed and tested many years ago, but in 2012, Caterpillar found a way to significantly reduce the owning and the operating costs in order to start a mass production. Having a fuel efficient machine that will operate efficiently in tough applications, while at the same time providing low fuel efficiency is a dream for any excavator operator. The 336E hybrid Caterpillar excavators are large, heavy-duty machines that can satisfy the needs of every construction company all around the world.

The interest for the Caterpillar excavators that use hybrid technology is huge, and the reactions of the customers is generally positive. With many innovative features and the proven Caterpillar technology behind them, it is inevitable that these excavators will quickly become industry leaders.

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