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Mobile Restaurant Planters: the Modern “Farm-To-Table” Trend

Probably one of the biggest trends in the realm of restaurants this year is the “farm-to-table” fad which to be frank, I really came to like. Having their needed products and ingredients for many dishes within their reach is what makes these restaurants so appealing to visitors who crave the fresh stuff. In the modern and ever-evolving world of today, there are many restaurants that grow the produce for their recipes on their terrace, roof, in raised beds, in recycled tires, and in mobile restaurant planters for fresh, delicious, and truly local and seasonal cuisine.


Chefs say that it is easy to cite various logical reasons why the trend of restaurants having their gardens is a great idea – convenience, cost, control and sustainability being some of the main ones. However, this concept of in-house farming is hardly new; it has been around for quite some time now and the trend has hit wide and far. There are countless of restaurants not only Australia, but world-wide as well that are tilting their own soil and planting the seeds of the vegetables and fruits which will eventually appear on their customers’ plates.

Nevertheless, out of all ways and means to do this, the most convenient, safest and productive manner to do it is by planting the seeds in mobile restaurant planters. Many of these state-of-the-art pieces of gardening equipment pieces are not only very practical, they are also self-watering. This means that they have a mechanism which keeps your plants hydrated even if you don’t water them for days. All you need to do is fill their reservoir and they will be good on their own for a couple of days. This makes them a very practical choice for busy restaurants when the staff does not have much time to constantly look after the watering needs of the plants.

Furthermore, their contemporary and sleek design makes them the ideal addition to any exterior design scheme. They have lockable castors which enable you to effortlessly wheel them inside at night if you want to keep them safe. Moreover, you can also use them to strategically divide outdoor spaces while at the same time acting as decorative pieces and a subtle proof to your guests that you grow your own produce. These wheels also enable you to move the restaurant mobile planters to a sunnier or more shaded spot – depending on the plants’ specific needs. Simply put, aesthetics and convenience at their finest!

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