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Modern Urban Gardening Trends

Passionate or not about gardening, jazzing up your outdoor space with the latest gardening trends is a chance for you to show off your new urban garden. No, it is not the foliage or massive eye-soaring tropical plants which overcrowd the space; it’s a rather simpler and more useful trend that has emerged in gardening. Actually, it’s a few trends rather than just one. Latest changes in climatic conditions have led gardeners and lovers alike to adapt the free space in their environments into an urban gardens. Now, roofs on buildings are used to their maximum for creating rooftop gardens decorated with artificial grass, fresh flowers and even trees!


The rooftop urban garden is a part of the “green roofing” projects that massively took part first in Chicago and quickly spread around the world. Designing and arranging rooftops with grass, flowers and other herbs is seen as very convenient and good for people that live in buildings, as they don’t enjoy the privilege of having their own urban garden. Thanks to rooftop gardens, they finally have a community garden they can all take care of.


Container gardening is also very common these days. You can see a lot of plants on balconies and terraces that naturally would be planted in the ground, now planted in planter boxes. Moreover, container gardening is very useful for people that cannot have a real garden of their own. It allows you to grow many vegetables and other herbs in a very easy and convenient way.

Projects like urban “Brownfield” restoration and Community Supported Agriculture which support utilizing free space for producing more food are also emerging everywhere. People are raising their awareness about food production and massively participate. Governments and World Organizations are also paying attention to the latest trends in gardening by offering their support to the development of theories like “square foot gardening” which are specifically designed to help gardeners that operate on limited space increase their yields. At the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg, the topic of the development of the urban garden was also widely debated. Web sites and magazines have emerged focusing on how urban gardeners around the world are working toward improving their cities.

Urban gardens are no longer reserved for people that own large houses with even larger backyards; look what is on top of buildings as you walk or drive through your city, you’ll be surprised by the heaven you’ll see!

references: white planter pots @ Glowpear

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