Motorcycle Pants Styles & Trends for the Ultimate Safety & Comfort on the Road

If you’re an avid motorcycle rider, you probably know that there is a wide range of motorcycle pants styles to choose from. In case of an accident, their style and level of quality can make a world of difference in the severity of your potential injury. Each adventure motorcycle pants style is designed to meet the needs of a specific riding style.

Cruiser Pants for the Casual Rider

Motorcycle Cruiser Pants

Cruiser or touring pants are the most common type of motorcycle pants you can buy online or in brick and mortar stores. They are popular among casual riders because they are usually very comfortable. For a relaxed fit, they are often more “boxy” or American cut pants. Waist adjusters are frequently included for a more precise fit.

These riding pants styles are made of leather, textiles, or a combination of the two. Leather cruiser pants are more abrasion-resistant, whereas waterproof textiles are more versatile. Because cruiser pants are designed to be worn loosely, they have fewer or no stretch panels at all!

Race Pants for the High-Speed Addict

A good pair of motorcycle ricing pants must feature high-speed slides and impacts. The best, if not the only, choice of material for the main chassis of the pants is often thick, high-quality leather. Leather is resistant to abrasion and can withstand a high-speed slide for much longer than any textile. Stretch panels are used in the knees, thighs, and seat area to give the rider enough flexibility and boost their comfort.

Race pants must be fitted snugly due to various reasons. The first is that the tight fit keeps any excess, baggy material from catching wind and disrupting the rider’s aerodynamics. The second reason is that the snug, pre-curved fit aids in keeping the rider’s legs in a tuck position both on and off the bike in the event of a crash. Finally, the tight fit will keep the pants’ legs from riding up during a slide.

Extra features like waterproofing and thermal liners are usually not included because these riding pants are designed to be worn on the track. However, if there are any pockets, they are usually small.

Riding Jeans for the Stylish Racer

Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Riding jeans have a good amount of abrasion resistance and can withstand a low-speed slide, such as the one you might encounter while riding in the city. To achieve this, the jeans are either woven with an abrasion-resistant material such as Kevlar or have an abrasion-resistant liner sewn on the inside. To hold together in a slide, the seams should be double or triple stitched with a high-tensile strength thread.

Since you will be wearing your riding jeans on and off the bike, they must be well-fitting and stylish to look and feel great all day. Pairs with a sewn-in liner are slightly bulkier than those with the abrasion-resistant material woven into the main fabric. Stretch panels strategically placed on the jeans will keep them from bunching up on you while riding.

Overpants for the Busy Commuters

As their name implies, motorcycle overpants are normally worn over your regular ones. Commuters benefit significantly from wearing overpants because they can wear their regular pants underneath at their destination. Because overpants tend to be on the loose side, they must have enough fitment adjusters to allow for as much customisation as possible.

Although commuters and low-speed riding tourists find the loose fit of overpants very comfortable, when it comes to high-speed enthusiasts, it can be a bit inappropriate. These riders require tight-fitting pants to avoid compromising their aerodynamics; pants with a tighter fit are also more likely to stay in place during a high-speed slide.

If the overpant style is your favourite, you should consider ones with long side zippers that will make it much easier to put on and take off the overpants over your shoes and regular pants.

Liners for the Unstoppable Rider

Motorcycle Liners

Riding pants and chaps with insulated and waterproof liners are far more versatile. You can wear your pants in a wider range of temperatures and seasons with the addition of this removable insulated liner. The liner can be left in the pants for added warmth in colder weather and then removed once the weather warms up. The waterproof liner will keep the water that passes through your water-resistant pants away from your skin.

On the other hand, if thermal liners are not your thing, you can easily replace them with the popular moisture-wicking layering clothing that is closer to the skin. As technology advances, these layering pieces are becoming thinner and more effective.

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