New Vinyl Floor Covering – Trendy Flooring Option


Forget the boring patterns and outdated colours of linoleum , and transform your home with the new vinyl floor covering solutions available on the market these days. You will find stylish vinyl floor coverings that are inspired by natural materials to give your home a natural look. If you are looking for soft and warm underfoot feeling, then choose the new vinyl floor covering for any room in your home. Water proof and resistant new vinyl floor covering is perfect for kids room, kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc. The classic marble and wood floors are no longer trendy. The new home flooring trend is the durable new vinyl floor covering. Instead of paying a fortune for a marble or wooden floor, buy vinyl floor which is not only durable and resistant to spills and scratches, but is cheap affordable as well.

What makes the new vinyl floor covering a number one choice these days, is its ability to mimic the appearance and the texture of a real wood. Thus, you can either choose to go with planks that imitate maple, oak or the exotic fruit-wood or jatoba wood. The best thing is that you can install this trendy flooring option in every room of your house. More and more homeowners decide to buy vinyl floor because it is easy to maintain and it is moisture resistant. If properly maintained your new vinyl floor covering will serve you for more than 20 years.

Another advantage of the vinyl floor is that it comes in sheets or tiles. The most popular option is definitely the sheet vinyl flooring which is stylish and ideal if you have pets and kids. So why not buy vinyl floor and take advantage of this popular flooring solution.

  • Exceptional Durability – You won’t have to worry about spills and scratches, this type of floor is all about durability and resistance.
  • Easy To Maintain – No need of expensive cleaning products, water and mild detergent will do the job.
  • Endless Designer Appeal – With so many styles, patterns and colours, choosing the right vinyl floor design is an easy task.
  • Hygienic – The new vinyl floor covering is a perfect anti-bacteria and house mite-free flooring solution.
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