Newest Trends in Aviation Cameras: The Best Cameras & Accessories

Pilots get to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views, creating opportunities for taking exceptional photos. While many pilots take advantage of this by mounting a camera on their aircraft, many don’t even think about it. If you’re new in this profession or you just realized what you’re missing on and have decided to get yourself a camera, you’re in for a treat. However, you don’t just go online and buy the first camera you see. There are many things you need to figure out before you invest in a camera and all the necessary accessories required to make it work.

How Do You Intend on Mounting the Camera?

Mounting anything in or on a plane involves some risks. Besides damaging the equipment and the aeroplane, there’s also the legal factor of mounting something that isn’t certified on your aeroplane. I won’t go depth about the legal aspect, as it depends on where you live, the type of aeroplane you drive, etc. All you need to know is that you should always consult a LAME when modifying your plane in any way. Apart from the legal risks, there’s always the safety factor in the event a camera gets detached from your aeroplane mid-air. You want to make sure the expensive camera is protected by securing it with a tether wire directly attached to your airplane. However, keep in mind that this can lead to even more damage if the camera gets detached and starts swinging around.

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Will the Camera be Inside or Outside Your Plane?

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a camera is whether you’re going to mount it inside or outside the cockpit. If you want to mount it inside, all you’ll need is a suction cup that comes with a flexible arm. If you want to mount it outside, however, you’ll have to try out a few different mounts, mounting spots and angles to get the best results.

Audio and Video Quality

With the rapid advancement in video capturing technologies, you’ll now find 4k cameras that won’t break your bank. GoPro cameras, and the GoPro Hero selection, in particular, are considered top-shelf aviation cameras. While 4k resolution videos are cool, you also want the camera to capture audio just as well. Conventional built-in microphones that most cameras come with will only capture the wind and engine noise. That being said, look for a camera and external microphones that will capture everything but the wind and engine noise.

Best Aviation Cameras

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GoPro Hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9 provides more stability, more clarity and more power. It comes with a 23.6MP sensor, allowing you to film in 5k resolution and 20MP photos. The GoPro Hero supports live streaming, webcam mode, a wide range of features, and there are many GoPro Hero accessories to complement it. Some of the mods you can get are the Max Lens Mod, Display Mod, Light Mod and Media Mod, all of which allow you to expand your creative options.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

This camera comes with a wide range of accessories specifically made to let you capture high-definition, rich footage in-flight. This camera can capture HD footage at 4k/30FPS. It also comes with a headset audio cable overlay of the ATC audio and cockpit conversation on the video and a prop filter that lets you remove the propeller from the video. This camera is available without all the accessories that add to its cost.

GoPro Fusion 360° VR

This camera allows you to capture spherical photos and video, recording everything around you so you can choose the best shots later. You can play the recordings back in VR and use over capture to make traditional photos and videos you can share on your phone. The GoPro Fusion comes with 5.2k video, ultra-smooth stabilisation, so it’s like having a professional filming crew around you everywhere you fly.

The Best Aviation Camera Mounts

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GoPro Suction Cup Mount

As aforementioned, the great thing about the GoPro Hero is that there is a wide range of GoPro Hero accessories and kits available to complement the camera itself. This suction cup mount allows you to attach the camera to your boat, motorcycle, car and more. It’s proven at speeds of over 240km/h, and it’s specifically engineered for a broad range of motion and stability. It features an extension arm for compact mounting, as well as a standard base and a quick release base.

Nflightcam Camera Mounts Mount

The exterior ball-head mount from Nflightcam allows you to mount your GoPro securely, as long as you have a #10, #8 or #6 machine screw. You can pair the ball-head mount with a GoPro propeller filter and you’ll shoot incredible videos easily. Alternatively, get the Nflightcam strut clamp mount that allows you to mount any action camera within seconds using a 3-finger mount or 1/4″x20 threaded socket.

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