No Ordinary Wine Pairing Trends

Is there anything more comforting and pleasurable than wine. Add a delicious, finger-licking-good food and you’ve got a win-win combination.

When it comes to food and wine pairings, we cannot skip the perfect classic combinations like Cabernet and steak, Champagne and oysters, barbecue and Zinfandel and so on. But, what about the nights when you desperately want a glass of wine with something ‘not so fancy’ straight from your fridge? Which wine will go perfectly with your favourite takeout? Have no clue? No problem. Here’s a list of no ordinary red and white wine paring trends that will help you enjoy your glass of wine with any food. Take a look at it.

White Wine Pairings


  • Wine & Burger – To enhance the taste of your burger and achieve the perfect balance, pair it with a glass of white acid wine. There are many fruity whites that match great burgers, like the apple-y Chenin Blanc wine or Mourat Moulin Blanc.
  • Chicken Wings & Wine – For the perfect Saturday “chicken wings” football night, get a sweet white wine, such as the Alsatian Gewurztaminer or the Hugel & Fills Gewurztraminer.
  • Donuts & Wine – Who said you can have a glass of good wine with dinner only? Nothing more comforting than a ‘chocolate-wine’ combination and a ‘cry your eyes out’ romantic movie. Don’t you think? But wine is not for chocolates only. If you are in love with sweet treats, pair donuts with classic flowery and easy drinking white wine. Try the Coppo Moscato d’Asti or the Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato d’Asti.

Red Wine Pairings


  • Pizza & Wine – Have you ever had pizza with a glass of wine? If not, now is the time to pair your favourite pizza with a glass of wine. Depending on your pizza you can choose different types of reds, because not all red wines pair perfectly with cheese. It is important to choose the one that will enhance the taste of pizza and create a perfect balance. You can try the Italian Fattoria Moretto Lambrusco.
  • Tacos & Wine – Pairing red wine with tacos? Yes, it is possible! The crunchy and incredibly tasty tacos go perfectly with aromatic and spicy wine like the Italian aromatic Damilano Marghe Nebbiolo Langhe.
  • Veggie Burger & Wine – Pairing red wine like Pinot Noir with veggie burger is a heavenly combination. Try it, you won’t regret it. The fruitiness and mild acidity of the Pinot Noir make it the perfect addition to a veggie burger.
  • Hot Dog & Wine – Put on your happy face because pairing red wine with hot dog is possible. You can choose between a combination of Sangiovese and Bordeaux or just a Bordeaux. Pairing red wine like the Italian Fattoria Lourauo Rosso Toscana Helena or other similar wines with a hot dog will give you a fun texture and interesting oak.
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