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Organic Cereals: Here’s Why This Breakfast Trend Is Worth The Hype

Creating healthy habits in such a fast-paced world with easy access to quick meals and junk food may seem challenging to most people, but there are simple ways you can boost your nutrition. Yes, without even breaking your budget or taking too much time.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not start it healthy? Nourishing and fulfilling breakfast meals are an easy way to set yourself up for a successful start of the day. Cereal is one of the best and most simple types of healthy breakfast!

Not just any cereal, though – organic. This is a great choice because it can provide you with energy to take on your day as it comes packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and keep you full until lunchtime. Plus, with such an extensive array of organic cereal, finding one that suits your taste won’t be a problem.

If you’re just leaning into better lifestyle habits, or simply looking for the latest healthy food trend, a good start is learning the benefits healthy alternatives provide, so let’s go over the perks of switching from common cereal to organic.

What is a healthy organic cereal?

woman eating a bowl of healthy organic  cereal

Cereals are a breakfast staple in almost every household and a favourite morning meal for people of all ages, but sometimes those coloured and frosted types can do more harm than good to your tummy. Starting your day with the highly-processed alternative might leave you feeling full, yet it won’t offer any nutritional value and might eventually result in weight gain.

The healthy cereals that are vegan, low in sugar and salt, and free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and egg are the newest craze in the healthy-lifestyle trend. They’re made with grains like rye, wheat, oats, and corn, and have quickly gained popularity thanks to the many benefits they offer compacted into a tiny portion.

Benefits of Organic Cereal

No matter which one you pick out, these variations of your favourite childhood meal come with an array of feel-good properties which include:

Perfect energy source

The light natural cereals are a great energy source as they provide you with a large portion of “good” calories to keep your body functional throughout the day. They’re rich in essential ingredients to kick-start your metabolism and give you that much needed boost in the morning.

Full of Minerals & Vitamins

wooden bowl filed with organic cereal on table

This nutritious breakfast choice is full of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Each of these minerals is needed for your body to function properly, so getting them from one portion ensures you reach the daily recommended intake.

If you have a vitamin deficiency, the healthy breakfast cereals may just be your new best friends. The outer bran of the grains is rich in vitamin B and E, so adding them to your daily menu is a seriously tasty way to sneak vitamins into your body.

Regulates Digestion

The grains used in these morning meal products are full of antioxidants and fibre, which help your gut produce good bacteria while allowing good bowel movement at the same time. Research has shown consuming fibre daily helps flush out toxins from the liver that are known to cause colon cancer.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

The mixture of antioxidants, fibre and minerals present in organic cereal helps regulate sugar in your blood to a safe level. This is achieved mostly from the fibre properties, as they slow down the glucose secretion process. Hence products with this mixture are a great option for diabetics who crave something sweet that won’t spike their glucose levels.

Rich in Protein

In addition to all the nutrients we’ve just covered, there’s also an abundance of protein in the grains used in these products, which means one serving can help you feel fuller longer. It can also curb your cravings for something unhealthy as your next meal. Having a high-protein meal is helpful with building and repairing muscle mass as well, so those gym efforts don’t go to waste. You can even amplify the effect and get your dream body faster with protein powder into the milk too.

Quick Tips for Better-Tasting Organic Cereal

fitness woman eating healthy breakfast cereal

Sometimes the thought of eating wholegrain cereal doesn’t sound so appetising, and many people claim it’s too bland for their taste when, in fact, the simple nature of this meal makes it the best environment for creativity and experimentation. Trying out new recipes and combinations is half the fun of serving natural cereals and we have the best recommendations to spruce your next bowl.

Throw in Fruits

Though they’re great sources of vitamins B and E, for a fulfilling meal you’ll need to include more sources of such nutrients. Fresh fruits are an option for this. Pair your favourite cereal with nutritious superfoods like berries, bananas, and even pineapples, and increase your daily intake of these vitamins. Besides being more nourishing, this technique breaks that monotonous taste plus inspires you to try out something new every day!

Ditch the Milk

Want to change the consistency of your bowl? Swap the go-to milk for yoghurt! Yoghurt is rich in probiotics and calcium which promote healthier bones and regular bowel movement. So, you’re not only sampling new recipes, but also improving your health at the same time!

Add Toppings

bowl of organic cereal with fruit toppings on table

Other great additions to your bowl of healthy organic cereal are toppings like cinnamon, maple syrup or even vanilla extract. These garnishes add more flavour minus the artificial ingredients and unhealthy calories.

Make Snacks

Don’t have time to prepare a bowl every morning? Try out home-made cereal protein snacks or non-baked “power balls”! Combine your grains with all your favourite fruits and toppings, add healthy manuka honey or peanut butter as a “glue” to keep the ingredients together and let them cool in your fridge. These are simple solutions you can pre-make when you have time on a lazy Sunday and store them in the freezer for a quick on-the-go nutrient explosion.

Maintaining a balanced diet sometimes seems like the hardest thing to do, but instead of giving up completely, start by picking out healthy variations of your favourite meals. This can encourage you to go further in your nutritious journey and make greater improvements in your lifestyle. Just remember, healthy habits aren’t a linear process, so even starting with small tweaks would more than pay off in the long run!

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