The Newest Camping Trend: Roof Top Tents

Picture this: you arrive at your designated campsite, you set up your tent and you’re ready to call it a night after an entire day of driving through the hellish Australian heat. You go inside the tent, get in your … Continued

The Latest Trends in Camping Gear

I remember the first time I went camping, or more specifically I remember the night right before I went camping. I didn’t manage to get much sleep, and it wasn’t because I was too excited to close my eyes or … Continued

Teak: The Trend in Outdoor Furniture Materials

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Many of us are into home makeovers quite often, and thinking about it, it’s not just about going on shopping sprees, or bringing in some changes, it’s also about finding the trends that are just as impressive in style as … Continued

Latest Self-Defense Trends: the Tactical Pen

EDC-tactical pen

If you live in an area where the risk of getting mobbed is relatively high, you should consider getting a tactical pen. Tactical pens are a minimal force EDC (everyday carry) solution that you can carry with you anywhere and … Continued

Vital Pocket Sized Camping Gear

Camping is a great activity if you want to see the great outdoors, fill your lungs up with some fresh air and sleep under the stars, but you will need some equipment if you want to do it right. There … Continued