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Patio Decor Trends: How to Choose & Style an Outdoor Coffee Table

Any backyard lounging area should have an outdoor coffee table. This simple furniture piece can become the perfect gathering spot to play board games with the family or enjoy a laid-back happy hour with your pals. But how do you find the right coffee table? And once you do, how should you style it so that it’s as beautiful as it’s functional. Here are the answers you need! 

How to Choose the Ideal Coffee Table for Your Outdoor Space 

Determine Your Needs and the Needs of Your Space 

The first step in purchasing a new outdoor coffee table is determining exactly what you require. You should begin by measuring your outside space. If you already have furniture, such as outdoor seating, make sure you measure the remaining area with the sitting in place. Measure the full space from length to width if you’re starting from scratch.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much space you want your coffee table to take up. You’ll want to be able to move around the table and sit on your outdoor sofa or armchairs without having to constantly avoid the corners of your new table.

It’s also important to consider how you’ll use your outdoor coffee table. Is it just for guests to place their drinks on, or will it be used for game nights? This can assist you in determining the size of your table.

Finally, consider whether you want to use your coffee table as additional storage for your outdoor space. Some versions have storage inside the table for times you don’t need to hide your throw blankets or children’s toys.

Choose High-Quality Materials 

concrete outdoor coffee table
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Once you’ve determined the size and style of the outdoor coffee table you want, pay close attention to the materials utilised in its construction to ensure they’re of high quality. If you want to invest in something durable, a sturdy concrete outdoor coffee table will last for many years to come. 

Concrete coffee tables are available in wood, metal, and colour. They are excellent for incorporating texture and dimension into your exterior design. These modern coffee tables might be circular, rectangle, square, or abstract in shape. Many have an organic feel to them, which will make your room unique and full of personality. So, if you want to make a statement in your outdoor space by creating a focal point, concrete outdoor coffee table is your safest bet. 

On the other hand, if your outdoor coffee table is composed of metal, such as aluminium, inspect the joints for tightness and the frame and legs for bending or warping. Inspect the grain of your teak coffee table to ensure it is tight and free of cracks. It should be smooth to the touch and have a good sheen to it, rather than gritty or drab. Otherwise, opt for ‘Grade A’ teak in which a mature heart of the tree is used in the process which results in the best quality as well as lifespan and durability.

Consider Your Current Outdoor Furniture Setup 

Assess your current furnishings to determine which design of the outdoor coffee table will go best with your current seating arrangement. You may simply mix and match furniture styles to create a unique environment, or you may wish to continue a specific theme depending on your current outdoor setup. For example, if you have an upholstered outdoor couch, you might want to keep your backyard looking elegant and go for a similarly elegant solution. If wicker is more your style, perhaps, you should go after an earthy coffee table design made of reclaimed wood. 

If you can’t make your mind up or your still haven’t finished setting up your outdoor space, it’s best to opt for neutral tones that will go with a range of colour combinations. You may always experiment with strong colours later by selecting accessories with eye-catching patterns, hues, and textures, such as throw pillows or blankets.

Go for the Low-Maintenance Option 

When it comes to the maintenance of your new outdoor coffee table, go with a low-maintenance product that is simple to clean. While glass tables are beautiful, they require a lot of dusting and cleaning to stay that way. Other types of hardwood coffee tables, such as mahogany, are equally lovely, but require regular oiling to maintain them and keep them in good shape.

Luckily, a concrete outdoor coffee table is about as low-maintenance as you can get! Concrete can withstand all the harsh conditions of outdoor living like as UV radiation from the sun and moisture from rainfall. This means no mould growth, no fading, and, most importantly, no oiling. Using a soft cloth and a simple solution of warm water and detergent removes dirt and stains. We recommend you clean your concrete coffee table anytime it appears unclean to guarantee that it’s always available for you and your visitors to enjoy.

Outdoor Coffee Table Styling Tips

outdoor concrete table styling

Change Things Around 

Because we’re talking about outdoor design, you don’t want to leave coffee table books outside for too long. Allow your coffee table to reflect the seasons, whether you’re storing accessories on your patio coffee table for an evening or leaving things out on an enclosed porch for several months.
Place a lush green plant on the table during the summer, or a vase loaded with seashells from your most recent beach excursion. In the fall, decorate your table with gourds, maize, and pumpkins. In the winter, add a splash of deep crimson amaryllis.

Use the Rule of Thirds 

Imagine a simple grid on your coffee table to compartmentalise your items in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Place items in a “grid box” or boxes. A teapot placed on the bottom left side or a tray placed on the right side of a coffee table, for example, adds more visual interest than if it is placed in the centre of the table.

Personalise It

Even if you’re outside, be creative and put a little of yourself into your surroundings. For example, if you enjoy the beach, books, music, and antique objects, you could stack music-themed books on top of a shallow bowl filled with rocks and seashells from a recent beach excursion. An antique magnifying glass might be placed on the table to complete the look.

Layer Items 

Objects, textures, and colours are all layered in superb décor trends. Layering helps a room to appear lush and lived-in. Books are an excellent way to add layers and colour to a coffee table. Plants and candles of various colours, heights, and sizes are also excellent for stacking.

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