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Permanent Makeup: Is Cosmetic Tattoo The New Beauty Trend

Makeup is indispensable part of every woman’s routine. Women love it and beauty companies like to make lads of them. But for some women, putting on makeup every day and having to touch it up during the day is a little inconvenient and even too demanding. This is one of the main reasons why permanent makeup treatment is becoming a trend among worldwide.

Whether a cosmetic tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows or lips, permanent makeup is allowing many women to go throughout entire day without having to ever worry about making getting messed up or running. Aside from this, not having to worry about removing makeup before bed and being able to pop out of bed ready for the day with the makeup perfectly in place is why many women decide to have the treatment done.


Permanent cosmetic tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows and lips are the most common permanent makeup procedures. Very similar to traditional tattooing procedure, permanent makeup also involves the use of needle which penetrates the top layer of the skin to add a permanent pigmentation of dye colour to eyelids, lips and even cheeks.

With permanent makeup, women have a variety of shades to choose from. And usually it takes about three to four weeks for the desired colour to appear. Moreover, cosmetic tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows and lips can be implanted in various styles, from a soft, natural looking to a more noticeable changes.

In a world of busy lifestyle, permanent makeup is the convenience all women seek when it comes to looking best in no time. However, the popularity of this beauty trend has resulted in growing number of beauticians which claim to be licensed to perform cosmetic tattoo when in fact they are not. Having the treatment done by an unqualified beauty technician can lead to potential risks of infection such as hepatitis, strep and adverse reaction to the makeup dye.

So, if you are thinking about having permanent cosmetic tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows or lips done, make sure the professional you choose is licensed and experienced one. Do a little research beforehand to ensure desired results. Ask for previous work and read other people’s experiences and overall opinions before making an appointment.

Being informed about possible side effects is also important. Usually you may experience a mild swelling on the treated area. You can use a cold compress to reduce it and an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. But remember, serious complications are very rare when the cosmetic tattoo is performed by a qualified professional. Thus, make sure you choose the right beauty salon to have permanent makeup done at. However, infection or allergic reaction to the pigment can happen.

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