Plastic Prawns: For Fishermen That Keep up with Trends

Developing the feel of bites is a process that requires a lot of patience out of any angler. This goal is achievable by using plastic prawns as bait because some fish can only be caught when the bait is not moving meaning there is no splash nor sound. Knowing which plastic prawn to use in what situation is essential if you want a particular catch. Most soft plastic prawns are a combination out of plastic, glitter, sand, salt and colours. On the market, there is a broad range of colours, shapes and sizes, yet when speaking for plastic prawns, there are hundreds to pick from.

Anglers use plastic prawns when they do some light fishing. Usually, their locations are near pontoons, docks, shallow areas around boats or marinas and especially when the fish are around 2 meters of the water column.

Plastic Prawn

Finding out which plastic prawn will have the most impact on the designated target is as important as choosing the size and colour. Additionally, selecting the right profile on the hook can increase the chances of catching the chosen fish considerably! Today, angler retailers sell lures with dozens of strips on them, which are specifically designed to mimic the fright stripes that are usually seen on baitfish throughout the predatory situation. Another thing to take into consideration is the weight of the lure and how much distance can be covered because casting a plastic prawn into the distance may require more skill than casting other simple baits.

Selecting the right plastic prawn requires some background knowledge regarding where and what it will be used for. Perch anglers mostly use plastic prawns during winter, but not a lot of anglers know that they can be used for other species. For instance, for those who want to catch eels, it is recommended to use a larger prawn while being hooked on size four hook. Another instance when the plastic prawn is beneficial is when fishing for carps. However, they are not only used for carp or eels, but for tench and bream as well. What’s more, not only are they are suitable for still waters, but they are also effective in wild rivers because the river barbel and the chub are tricked by them.

Currently, on the market there are a lot of soft plastic baits to choose from, starting from scented crab, worm and prawns. Made with the newest methods these offer a great variety of different fish species found.

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