Vital Pocket Sized Camping Gear

Camping is a great activity if you want to see the great outdoors, fill your lungs up with some fresh air and sleep under the stars, but you will need some equipment if you want to do it right. There are the items such as the sleeping bags and the tents that are a necessity, but there are also some small almost unnoticeable items that you will really want to bring along with you as well.


Most people would agree that being able to see while in the deep dark of the mountains is kind of useful. Well, either that, or you enjoy only going by the light of the moon that might illuminate an area so large that it’s not certain if you will be even able to see the tip of your nose. For these dark places, there are plenty of handy little flash lights that are so easy to carry and fit into any pocket that you will forget you have them.

One of these flash lights is the Olight S1, and the best part is that you can even get an Olight S1 holster that is specially made for it. But what is the purpose of the Olight S1 holster if the entire point is for the flash light to fit in your pocket? The answer is that it’s actually even more convenient this way, because you can just strap it onto your belt, which means you can get to it more easily, and your pockets have more space in them for other essential camping gear.

Speaking of essential camping gear, there is no other item that fits the bill better than the common lighter. The purpose of the lighter while on a camping trip is pretty straight forward so it really doesn’t warrant much explanation honestly. There may however be a need to mention that while this is the most useful item in a campers arsenal, it can also be the most dangerous. This is not to say that you can harm yourself, but rather that a bit of carelessness around dry leaves or the camp fire can lead to disastrous consequences for the surrounding area. So while a lighter is without a doubt a recommended item that you need to take along with you, a level of caution needs to always be exercised while using it in a forest area.

And finally, you also need to make a bit more space in your pockets for the multi-tool. These items usually have at least a dozen different tools built in and all of them can prove to be incredibly useful for you while you are in the wilderness. Most of these multi-tools standardly come with items such as a knife, scissors and a can opener, but there are also other that come with so many different ones that you can have everything from a nail file to a small screwdriver at your disposal. While other gear and equipment is of course necessary (seeing as how the multi-tool isn’t exactly a good axe substitute) this little item, along with the other two, can be a really valuable asset to any camper.

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