Popular Flooring Trends


Floors are the most unique and biggest visual element in a home. They can really give a special, luxury touch to a room and create a flow. For this reason, it is important to carefully choose the flooring and even more important is to ensure proper care. Nowadays, the most popular type of flooring are the vinyl tiles made to look luxurious and elegant.

The vinyl flooring tiles are the new category of flooring that combines the look of a hardwood/stone with the great vinyl durability. And, because vinyl tiles are resistant to moisture, they are perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. So, if you want to change the existing floor in your house with something more durable, of higher quality, yet luxurious, go with vinyl flooring tiles. However vinyl tiles are not the only popular flooring trend these days. Here are the most popular flooring trends for 2014.

  • Carpeting – With the constant improvements in the technology, nowadays more and more manufacturers are creating soft carpet combinations that are environmentally friendly. When it comes to carpet style, the most popular is the “cut-and-loop” style. The pile is partly looped and partly cut in order to create a sculpted look or pattern. The trend is more focused on the patterned carpet, with clean finish.
  • Wood – One of the most popular and timeless flooring trends is the wood flooring. The most popular type of wood flooring solutions these days is the laminate. Laminate represents a thin piece of wood placed on a core that is made of different material. It creates stability in the floor and is more affordable than the hardwood.
  • Vinyl Flooring Tiles – As mentioned above, vinyl tiles are the newest most popular type of flooring nowadays. The choice for vinyl flooring tiles includes a wide range of textures, colors and patterns. The amazing features of vinyl flooring tiles like easy to clean and comfort under the feet characteristics, as well as the stain resistance are the key factors for the increased popularity. Also, vinyl flooring tiles are cheaper than the hardwood. Moreover, vinyl tiles are perfect for almost any room, but are mainly used in bathrooms, kitchens and restaurants.

These are the three most popular flooring trends. So whether you need to change the flooring in your home or office, do not hesitate and choose the vinyl flooring tiles. You just need to find a reliable flooring company that offers only top quality products. With the help of the latest technology and experienced team, you will have your new flooring in no time.

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