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Popular Interior Design Trends: Elements of Contemporary Style

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many design trends that you can follow. Each of them has its own characteristics but many details overlap as well. One style can incorporate several elements of another one. For example, proper lighting is an essential part of every style. So, in the end, everything comes down to personal preference.

You can include in your interior design any piece that you like, it doesn’t have to be a specific style, and everything can still look like it belongs together. Of course, several things need to be taken into consideration, like the colour palette, arrangement of furniture, and size of the pieces, but with little effort, it can all work out.

contemporary living room
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What’s So Great About Contemporary Style?

The contemporary interior design borrows many elements from other styles but always follows the trends at the moment as well. This is what makes it invincible, its ability to adapt and incorporate new details. Nowadays, that’s minimalism and neutral shades, but who knows what it’s going to be in a few years. It includes curved and straight lines as well and a lot of natural light. When natural light isn’t an option, it takes advantage of artificial lighting.

There’s something for everyone in contemporary style and stores offer a wide range of modern contemporary furniture for your home.

It Offers Variety

Contemporary furniture is so versatile and, for this reason, preferred by many people. Its design makes traditional furniture seem rather big and hard to incorporate into the interior design. You can find contemporary furniture in any shape, design, and dimension, and it’s oriented towards practicality. This makes it easier to arrange and put different pieces together according to the size of the room.

It Offers Style and Functionality

Since it follows present-day trends, contemporary style will always be stylish. It’s innovative, unique, and gives you freedom to combine its elements in order to create a sophisticated high-end interior décor. When it comes to functionality, every piece of furniture is there for a reason. It’s visually appealing but it serves its main function as well.

It Offers Comfort

Thanks to new technologies and materials, modern contemporary furniture offers the ultimate comfort. It’s made from durable materials that don’t just look good but feel good as well. Manufactures have people’s needs in mind. That’s why the latest materials are soft and fit for relaxation. Also, they are made more and more lightweight, so you’ll have items that are easy to move around and rearrange.

modern living room with sofa bed two armchairs coffee table decorative pillows on the sofa and wall artwork
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How to Style Your Home with Contemporary Furniture

It isn’t difficult to furnish your home with contemporary furniture. With a few easy tweaks, you’ll have the décor of your dreams in no time.

Start with a Neutral Base

Neutral colours are the staple of contemporary design. Ivory, cream, white, brown, taupe, and black are the colours that predominate and they can be found on all of the bigger pieces in the room. Setting a neutral base allows you to build the style of the room in more directions. It allows for easy redecoration in the future because neutral tones look good with everything.

Go with Simple Furniture and Add a Few Surprising Elements

The furniture features clean lines with little or no decoration. It has smooth clean surfaces that make a statement but in a sophisticated way. There are visible straight or curved lines that can be found in all the pieces, from chairs to wall art, and contemporary furniture design makes use of textures from natural materials like silk, jute, and cotton. Choose simple comfortable sofas in natural tones that will add a touch of elegance to the room.

In the bedroom, add a little more texture with a soft bedhead that’ll serve as a comfortable place for sitting and will frame the bed to make it more visible. If you want to accentuate the bed a little further, go with a bold geometric bedhead made from rattan wood that retains its natural colour or is painted in black.

A plain rocking chair has much to offer. Pair it with the sofa in the living room and create a cosy space for everyday relaxation. Place it in the corner of the bedroom and make the perfect reading spot. You could use a larger accent chair in warm colour for the same purpose.

Side tables made of natural wood with intricate geometric design and clean lines can perfectly accompany any sofa or bed. Use them for several decorations or plants. Round side tables work as well. They can have a glass or stone top which can really emphasise the whole design. Metal can be commonly seen as part of side tables or other pieces of furniture.

Leather pieces can be incorporated as well because they offer simplicity and add a different texture to the room. Include a leather ottoman or dressing bench in your bedroom for practicality and visual interest.

marble top bedside table with drawer and open shelf affordable luxury bedroom furniture
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Add a Splash of Vivid Colour

You can add several accent pieces with bolder colours or patterns for accent. Pop of colour may be added with pillows, throws, and rugs. Place a few cushions with interesting patterns or in vivid colours on the sofa and make that the focal point in the room. Add them to a chair as well or use a throw for texture. Mix different materials but steer clear of over-embellished elements.

Incorporate art into the interior décor. It’s the perfect way to add colour and keep the walls neat but not boring. You can add several paintings, posters, or prints and make them look like one large piece of art. Just don’t go overboard because contemporary style is still about open space. Wooden black or natural wood frames with matte or gloss finish can be used or choose a metallic finish that complements the artwork. You can use lights to draw attention to the art by directing a spotlight towards the piece.

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