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Post Hole Diggers: The Latest Spec Trends Buyers Ought to Know

If you’re installing retaining walls, fence posts, foundation stumps, are plumbing or planting trees, one of the best tools for the job is the post hole digger. These lightweight versatile tools are a must have for anyone working in landscaping and construction. A quality post hole digger can be a great addition to anyone’s toolbox, and it’s a tool that can make life much easier.

Post Hole Diggers

It’s a tool that lets you dig deeper with more precision than a shovel. And you probably know how tiring and time consuming digging with a shovel is. Not only does it tire and hurt your hands, you’ll need to spend hours on end to complete the task at hand. Finding a post hole digger sale is relatively easy online, and it can potentially save you a lot of money. Just think about how much money you could save by not having to rent heavy-duty equipment for digging. There are two types of post hole diggers – gas and traditional.

Gas Powered Post Hole Diggers

If you happen to be frequently digging holes in heavy clay soils, then the gas powered post hole digger is your best option. These run an engine that runs on gasoline, that rotates a threaded bit which drills into the ground so it can dig the hole. Typically, these engines range from 2 to 5 horsepower, are noisy and the unit itself has a diverse set of features. It’s recommended that you wait for a post hole digger sale to get a better deal, as gas powered models can be quite expensive.

Traditional Post Hole Diggers

Traditional post hole diggers are manually operated and as their name suggests, they require manual labour to dig holes. When using these models, you have to rely on brute arm strength. They usually have sharp blades which enable the user to cut into dense soil with relative ease. Quality traditional post hole diggers should have an ergonomically designed handle to prevent the user’s knuckles from injury. These models are not very popular anymore.

What to Consider?

As aforementioned, the handle is incredibly important, and it should be comfortable to hold and securely attached to the unit. The blade size matters, and the bigger it is, the more efficient it’ll be when grabbing dirt. Moreover, the material that all of the parts are made from should be durable, such as steel. However, bear in mind that steel comes at a higher price, and it will add to the tool’s weight.

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