Pulling Off the Country-Chic Trend: Pieces to Give Your Look a Cowgirl Vibe

Regardless whether it’s pop stars like Taylor Swift or TV shows like Westworld that bring it into the public attention, country-western wear will always have a special influence over fashion. Last year alone, we’ve seen many of the biggest designer names give a nod to the Wild, Wild West in their collections. And this year, country-inspired looks are still ruling the streets big time. If you too are intrigued by this bold yet feminine fashion trend, here are some tips to help you pull it off without looking like you’re wearing a costume.

Embrace the Blues

The easiest way to bring a western touch to any outfit is to incorporate denim. Whether it’s jeans, a skirt or a shirt, denim (especially if it’s dark) can look very slimming and fashionable. So, no wonder it’s every girl’s best friend. While denim might seem an everyday basic wardrobe element, in order for it to stay true to its western nature, you need to pair it with the right pieces. Like for instance, jeans tucked into cowboy boots, a denim vest over a button-down shirt, or a denim skirt topped off with a cowboy hat. Additionally, denim with a distressed appearance will give you more of a country vibe than plain, perfect denim. If you’re not sure what kind of denim to pick, you can never go wrong with pieces made by brands known for their western influence like for instance Riders or RM Williams which you can find at women’s country clothing stores.

Fall in Love with Loose, Airy Dresses

Traditional county-western dresses are known for beautifully accentuating the female shape by being a bit tight in the waist and falling loosely down. You can find such dresses in women’s country clothing shops, but this effect can be replicated with some other dresses too. Focus on pieces that are made of cotton or cotton blends and have a light, summery feel. Dresses decorated with floral prints, lace, beads, embroidery, studs or leather accents are perfect for the country look. You can also achieve this by wearing a tight top with a flowing skirt. This look looks especially great when paired with some cowboy boots, speaking of which..

Get Some Great Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have always been the defining symbol of western wear. Mixing them with dresses, skirts and jeans can instantly transform a standard outfit into a country-chic one. And since there’s such a wide range of cowboy boots to choose from, you can find a pair to complement every outfit. You can opt for a pair of boots with a higher heel to dress up your going-out looks, or get flat boots for a casual, everyday outfit.

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