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Ready Made Food Platters: a Catering Trend Sure to Amaze Your Guests

Food is such an important part of any celebration. Whether it’s an engagement party, a wedding, a christening, or a birthday, the choice of food can make or break your guests’ overall impression of the event. So obviously, everyone wants super tasty food on their big day. But there’s more to this. The way the food is presented to your guests has also a big role to play.

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Many people choose their food to be served buffet style with ready made food platters. And I completely understand this – grazing tables get people to move around the room, which creates a more casual atmosphere that’s great for mingling. On the other hand, a formally served meal has everyone seated down during the duration of the course. So yes, if you want your event to be more casual, skipping the individual servings for a mouthwatering table with ready made food platters is a great way to make it less formal and more lively.

Ready made food platters are more than just a way to curb your guests’ appetite or give them a spot to gather around. They can become a decorative feature in your celebration, brimming with colourful food styled in a way that leaves people in awe. Every time there’s a gorgeous grazing table at an event, it’s sure to create a buzz. And with the help of a professional food decorator, you can enhance your big day with something different and exciting.

It’s important to meet with the caterer prior to the event, so you can make sure you’re on the same page. Discuss your food preferences – what you want to be served, and what you absolutely don’t. And make sure to brief them on the size of the guest list, as you don’t want to end up with the tables being quickly emptied out or a lot of food left over that you have to throw away.


Also, make sure to account for your guests’ unique needs and food preferences. Every big event should have a vegetarian and vegan table. Very often these people are forgotten and are left to make a plate on their own. If you know that some of your guests have unique dietary habits, arranging special platters that meet their needs is a great way to leave the impression that you truly care that everyone’s having a great time.

There are other factors that influence the food on the platters as well. Like for instance, the time of year the event takes place dictates what kind of seasonal fruit and vegetables will be served. You also need to specify the hours the event will take place – is it around brunch or dinner time? The location of the venue also plays a big role, as some foods can go bad when exposed outside. You wouldn’t want a chocolate fountain if you’re hosting a gathering outside on a hot summer day, would you?

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