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Reasons Your Flower Shop Can Benefit from a Coolroom

Summer is just around the corner and we can all feel it as the weather is getting warmer and sunnier with each passing day. This is great news if you’ve been desperately missing the beach, but not so much if you’re running a flower shop. You see, although flowers thrive on basking in the sun, once they are cut, warmth becomes their worst enemy! With that being said, it’s important that florists store their flowers in a cool environment that will keep them fresh until they’re sold.

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After all, your stock is delivered to your shop in a refrigerated van in order to preserve its freshness, so it’s only logical that you want to continue that process. Although it’s impossible to keep your flowers alive forever, housing them in a climate controlled coolroom can significantly extend their lifespan. But why consider investing in a coolroom for sale if your shop already has an air conditioning system?

Well, for one, the ideal temperature for storing flowers can range from 1oC to 11oC, depending on what kind of species are being stored. And obviously, no florist would want to sit around in a freezing room all day long. With that being said, the best solution is to include a separate coolroom somewhere on your premises where you can keep stock. The right coolroom temperature will put your flowers into a sleepy state, thus stopping petals from blooming and withering before they are being sold.

Usually, the optimal temperature for preserving the freshness of most flowers ranges around 1oC – 5oC. However, if you’re selling tropical flowers, you might want to increase the temperature setting of the coolroom. Birds of paradise, tropical orchids and all equatorial flower species need to be preserved at around 11oC. Whatever your product is, a quality coolroom for sale will come with temperature settings ranging from -30oC to 30oC.

You may be thinking “Isn’t buying a coolroom a huge investment?”. Of course, the upfront costs of a coolroom may seem high, but in the long run, it can prove to be a really cost-efficient solution. Just think about it. Without a coolroom, you need to sell your flowers within a really short time frame once they arrive at your shop. And obviously, it’s impossible to do so. As a result, you’re regularly throwing away heaps of damaged and deteriorated flowers. But a coolroom can help you keep your flowers fresh for several weeks, which increases the chance that they get sold before they wither away.

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