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Safety Over Trends: Top Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Tree Service ASAP

Even when you have your trees trimmed and checked by professional arborists regularly to ensure they are healthy and can withstand the elements, you may need emergency tree services at some point. Damaged, diseased, or hanging trees, as well as nearby power lines, can pose a safety risk to your family and property or your neighbours’ property. 

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When Do You Need a Tree Removal Service?

Sick and Damaged Trees’ Removal

A tree may appear healthy from the outside, but it may be weakened by illness and in danger of falling over. Warning signs usually include cavities in the trunk, a hollowed trunk, extensive fractures, missing bark, and dead or falling limbs. The best way to keep your trees healthy and safe is to have them serviced regularly. Tree trimming, maintenance, and inspection by a professional can help your trees grow properly, look good, and stay disease-free.

However, a healthy, strong and stable tree can still be damaged by bad weather conditions. If you notice that any tree in your garden is leaning, fallen or has broken branches, you should hire an emergency tree removal service as soon as possible as it might present a serious threat to your property and family safety!

Weakened Roots

A tree’s root system is critical to its stability. Examine your trees and contact a tree service when you notice exposed roots that appear unhealthy, weakened, or decaying. If the tree’s roots are deteriorating, it may only be a matter of time before it falls. A sagging tree can occur in other situations. If it’s been this way for a while, it’s tempting to ignore it, but it’s critical to have leaning trees assessed by a professional who can determine whether they’re a safety hazard.

Finally, erosion can wreak havoc on the tree’s stability. If a significant portion of the tree’s roots is exposed, you should have it examined even if it doesn’t appear to be unhealthy or unstable.

Hanging Branches

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Broken tree branches can usually be pruned with strategic cutting that does not harm the tree’s health. However, missing tree branches can sometimes kill the tree. If a tree loses more than half of its branches, it will be unable to produce enough leaves to feed itself for the following growing season and will die. A tree is also at risk of dying if it loses its tallest, longest branch, known as the leader, which gives the tree its shape, strength, and stability.

Leaning Trees

Depending on its history, a leaning tree may or may not pose a threat. It might be safe if it has been leaning for a long time and shows no signs of falling. However, you should still have a professional arborist inspect it to ensure safety. The tree may fall over if it suddenly begins to lean or grow at a sharp angle or if it shows signs of cracks and uprooting. In such a case, you should contact an emergency tree removal service!

When Tree Branches & Roots Pose a Threat

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Dangerously hanging branches close to your home’s structure or over your vehicles can damage your roof, windows, and other parts of your home. That’s why you must hire an emergency tree removal service to quickly solve the problem.

Tree roots that grow too close to your house are the same. These roots have the potential to lift patio stones, walkways, and driveways and burrow into your home’s foundation, causing serious and costly damage. When your tree is hanging over your neighbour’s property or its roots are creeping close to their house, the most neighbourly thing you can do is have it removed before it causes damage to their home and property. Hopefully, if they had a tree on their property threatening to cause damage, they would do the same for you.

Your House Is ‘ON SALE’

If you decide to sell your home, taking care of the landscaping around it and in the front yard, including any damaged, overgrown, or diseased trees, will help to increase its curb appeal and property value. To improve the appearance of your property, let more natural light into your home and keep the nearby trees healthier. Hire professionals to trim overgrown trees, remove dead tree branches, and remove diseased or dead trees. This will result in a more usable outdoor space available in your yard, which is a selling point for any home.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Tree Service

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If you’re concerned about overgrown roots weakening the foundation of your home or causing damage to your driveway and other parts of your property, you should consider hiring emergency tree services regularly. Having a professional for tree pruning or removal services, if you believe a tree will pose a safety risk in the future, will protect your property.

Another consideration is that attempting to remove or prune a tree by yourself may injure yourself or others. A professional will know the proper steps to remove the unwanted tree while ensuring that nothing is damaged in the process.

Save Time & Money

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Saving time and money is the greatest advantage when hiring a professional tree service. You will save money on equipment and tools that you would have had to pay for if you did it yourself. Furthermore, if you attempt to remove a tree on your own and damage occurs, you will incur additional costs that you were not expecting. A professional will have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job correctly, without causing any damage to your property, and on time.

Attractive Landscape

Do-it-yourself projects are great, but if you don’t know how to perform tree services properly, you’ll have many cleanup problems. Professional tree services are your best bet if you want to finish your project on time and in a way that keeps your landscape looking aesthetically pleasing.

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