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Scandinavian Buffet: Simplicity and Elegance Will Always Be On-Trend

Whether you call it a buffet, a sideboard or a credenza – they all mean the same. The timeless piece of furniture that will always be a trend in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms across the world. The buffet is loved for its versatility: offering plenty of convenient storage, providing space to display artworks and cute décor pieces, and being a solution for filling an awkward, empty space. As a piece of furniture with such importance, the buffet can be the perfect opportunity to express your personal taste through careful selection and styling.

You can find buffets in a crazy amount of styles ranging from cottage to Scandinavian, with wooden or glass-front doors, with high-gloss lacquered finishes or matte, a nailhead trim or a regular one. Originally, the buffet appeared in 16th century France, hence the French name, and it was used as a surface for serving food. Today, the buffet came a long way since its predecessor, but there are still plenty of French Provincial style models that capture its ancient origins. However, if you’re into more contemporary design, what you really want to focus on is the Scandinavian buffet.

Scandinavian Buffet

If you agree with the less is more mantra we so often hear in interior design, any Scandinavian inspired furniture will be perfect for you. You can recognize a Scandinavian buffet by its straight lines, sleek and unobtrusive shape and neutral colours. Because it’s minimalist and timeless, this buffet can fit in any design scheme. If you’re into a sombre interior look, a dark, wooden Scandinavian buffet will add just the right amount of mystery to the room. If you’re into variety, choose a model with doors in different colours.

The beauty of Scandinavian buffets is that they work with all kinds of décor pieces. Try mixing things up with adding a number of traditional elements such as old, antique lamps or ceramic ornaments. Always avoid being too matchy-matchy with the décor and opt for more eclectic combinations. An unexpected piece is sure to make your buffet an attention-grabber. Try resting a large object upon it such as a big mirror, a painting or other piece of art. This look is stunning yet simple and can easily be updated according to your wishes.

As promoters of functionality and durability, manufacturers of Scandinavian furniture pay extra attention to the design of one of the most purposeful home elements – the buffet. If you want to receive a level of quality that’s worth your money, make sure that you pick a buffet from a certified Australian seller of Scandinavian furniture.

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