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Scarf Trends: How To Wear Woolen Scarves

As much as we say we love winter magic, snowy landscapes, fireplaces and hot wine, nobody likes it when the cold winter air freezes their faces and necks. So, to be able to enjoy winter to the fullest and to avoid looking like a clumsy yeti, you should know when, where and how to wear winter’s ultimate piece of accessory, the woolen scarf.

Woolen scarves are winter’s essential, and it’s only a matter of duty of every fashionable woman that stands by her style to know the basics of how to wear them properly.

1. Woolen Scarves And Occasions

There are two basic types of woolen scarves


  • Cashmere scarves – cashmere comes from a goat, not from a sheep like most wool materials do. It is defined as wool, but it’s actually a hair; very soft, fine in texture, strong and light. That’s why cashmere scarves are usually not worn the same way and for the same occasions as other woolen scarves. Cashmere scarves are mostly matched with a dress or a very elegant office outfit. Their softness and lightness does not go well with bulky jackets , thus they are not the most suitable accessory to a street-style outfit.
  • Woolen scarves can either be Angora or Merino. The Angora scarves are the warmest of all; they are light and so soft they can create a little itch on the neck. Angora scarves are great for keeping you warm. They can’t be combined with elegant outfits because they don’t have the fineness cashmere scarves do, thus lack the elegance. Use them for casual combinations, like jeans, boots and a sweater.Merino woolen scarves on the other hand, are much finer on the itchy side. The Merino wool is easier for fabrication, so you can find it in different designs and in so many different colours. Merino woolen scarves are best to combine with a street-style outfits. They are the main accessory of famous fashion bloggers that promote their street style.

2. Ways Of Wearing A Woolen Scarf

All scarves differ in length, thickness and weight, thus can’t be worn the same way; some can be tied, some just have to be worn loosely.


  • Longer woolen scarves can be worn either tied in a knot, in a loose wrap or completely loose. To tie the scarf in a knot, fold it in half, drape it around the neck, put the two ends through the fold and tighten as much as you need. That’s the easiest way to wear a long scarf. A tip: practice tight knots and folds only with thicker woolen scarves, never with cashmere or finer scarves, as you can damage them.
  • Loosely resting on the shoulders. This way of wearing a scarf is more for a stylish effect rather than protecting you from the cold. If you need to go out on a classy event or dinner, and your dress has no sleeves, you ‘re going to need something to keep you warm and complement your elegant look. Wear a thicker woolen scarf like Merino or Angora woolen scarves loosely. Of course, you can wear your woolen scarf this way with bulky jackets. You can easily create a very fancy casual outfit, by simply wearing the scarf around your neck while the ends fall loosely.

3. Woolen Scarves Are An Accessory

Scarf is an accessory you can play with. A few things to pay attention to.


  • NEVER wear print on print! If you wear a print jacket, choose a mono-colored scarf and vice versa. Don’t mix too many colours and designs; your goal isn’t to look like a yeti or a street wanderer, is it?
  • Match your scarf, shoes and a bag. This is an amazing combination for elegant outfits, and for casual outfits as well. But again, be careful not to put too much colours on you. It’s just not tasty nor stylish.
  • The turtleneck scarf is a recent piece on the runways and it is an amazing accessory if you love the loose style. Casual outfits include jeans, bulky jackets, boots, and a lot of knitwear. They are mainly combined with a woolen hat and can mostly be found mono-colored.



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