Retirement in Australia – Latest News and Trends

Retirement in Australia

Studies show that the most efficient way to reduce dependence on the age pension and provide higher standards of living in retirement is without doubt the DIY Superannuation funds. From 2002 to 2010, the number of people relying on the … Continued

Carpet Cleaning Industry Trends at a Glance

In the last few years, cleaning industry became one of the fastest growing service industries in Australia. The demand for commercial and residential cleaning services increases on a daily basis. More and more businesses outsource different type of cleaning services … Continued

DIY Super Fund – An Ongoing Trend

If you want greater control over your superannuation savings, then a DIY super fund is an ideal option. As part of the superannuation system, DIY smsf is an ongoing trend and growing number of Australians rely on its benefits. Even … Continued

2014 Australian Property Trends

American Real Estate

The Australian property market has had a bumper season last year. House prices in major Australian cities have risen drastically, that a house in Sydney for example, today costs over $775,000. Due to the fact that house prices in major … Continued