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Shower Screens 101

Bathroom redecoration is a challenging thing, but once it is done and you get to the phase of buying the fine things, everything gets better. The details make the bathroom even more beautiful. Now, details aren’t just the small bathroom accessories, but also the large ones such as the shower screens.

If you’re sick and tired of shower curtains (that aren’t a bad choice per se but are a pain to keep clean) and want to place something more elegant and classy, then you should start looking for shower screens. There are many different types of these screens, and it’s important to pick one that fits your bathroom and needs. For instance, nowadays frameless shower screens are very popular because of their simple and classy design. Let’s see if this type of shower screen is the one that will steal your heart.

What Are Shower Screens?

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If you want to make a few changes in your bathroom, or are planning to redecorate the entire room and feel like adding a bit more style to your shower, then shower screens should be your option. Sure, shower curtains are more affordable, but shower screens are a better option if you want to keep water inside the shower. Shower screens are nothing but a large glass panel that snugly fits between the wall and bath. It looks stylish and does a great job of keeping your bathroom floor dry. It looks much better than curtains and is a more durable and hygienic option.

Types of Shower Screens

It’s easy to get lost among the many different types of shower screens. They can be frameless, with frames, they can slide, or open inwards and outwards. Besides your preferences and taste, it’s essential that you get a screen that will function perfectly in your bathroom. Consider your bathroom size and the number of people who will use the said bathroom before making your final decision. Let’s see some of the most popular types of shower screens and their pros and cons.

Frameless Shower Screen

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These screens are a modern option and are ideal for people who love the simple design and contemporary style. The fact that this screen has no frame at all, makes it a perfect choice for minimalist bathrooms. Frameless shower screens have a sleek design and there won’t be any unnecessary distractions – no matter what colour the tiles are, the screen door won’t stand out.

Since there is no frame support, these doors rely on brackets or channels that fix the glass into position. Frameless shower doors are durable and made of thickened glass, but if you aren’t careful, they may chip easily. Despite that, people still choose them because of their simple beauty and because they look good in almost any bathroom. These screens ooze elegance and simplicity and will make even smaller bathrooms look larger (especially if you choose seethrough glass over matte).

Framed Shower Screens

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These screens are popular for busy family bathrooms. They give a full enclosure made of glass panels supported with an aluminium frame. These doors are available in various configurations and will work great for any bathroom size. Fully framed screens are perfect if you are on a budget; you’ll get perfect protection for a reasonable price.

Semi-frameless Screens

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These are framed shower screens, except they have a more subtle frame. As a result, they have the strength of a framed shower screen, but their design is more sophisticated which resembles frameless screens. If you are looking for the best of both worlds or simply can’t make up your mind between framed and frameless, this is a great option.

Sliding Door Shower Screens

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If you have a small bathroom and need to save space, then a sliding door shower screen is a great choice. They don’t open inwards or outwards but slide to the sides.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Shower Screen

You have to know the exact dimensions before getting any screen. The dimensions must be precise, otherwise, water will find its way from the shower to the floors. Although in most cases people hire professionals to install their shower screens, in case you are going to do it yourself, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fit your screen perfectly. Shower screens vary in length, so if your bath is long or your shower is extremely strong, it would be a smart idea to get a wider screen. Smaller screens are better for smaller bathrooms.

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