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Skin Care Trends to Follow in 2019

Just like fashion, the skincare industry has never been one to settle as well. Each and every year there is at least one new skincare invention, and brands are constantly on the hunt for something new and better, something that is designed to help all skin types and people of all ages. This year, the trend is all about going for natural and non-invasive products and treatments. From the use of new technology to the use of new beauty products and supplements, 2019 is here to make your skin smoother, softer, brighter and more alive.

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The Higher the SPF the Better

Reducing the chances of skin cancer is the first step people can take towards having a healthy lifestyle and the good news is that almost everyone has started to take this very seriously. Since skin cancer awareness is on the rise each year, dermatologists say that both younger and older generations understand the risk of unnecessary sun exposure. One of the chances to protect yourself is to use higher SPF-sunscreens. Whether you are a makeup lover or not, nowadays you can choose the right type of sunscreen for you which won’t make you oily and can even act as a primer.

Clean and Natural Skin Care Products Take Over

It goes without saying that what we put in our mouth can reflect on our health. Well, according to dermatologists, the same goes for the skin. What’s applied to the face and body can greatly affect the skin and overall health as well, which is why the use of natural skin care products is on the rise. Every part of the daily skincare routine needs to be clean and trustworthy, thus natural skincare for mature skin and for young people as well should be the first choice for men and women alike. Naturally derived products are products found in nature, products that can nourish the skin the right way and without the use of harsh chemicals. Thus, the skin can only receive what’s good for it. Depending on your skin type and age of course, there are numerous natural skincare options to choose from, ones that come from trustworthy brands. The use of activated charcoal, CBD (cannabis) oil, pure Ribose and kefir are just some of the many naturally derived products that can aid any type of skin at any age.

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Light Therapy is Still in Use

Light therapy isn’t something new. It has been present for several years, but this year scientists have found more benefits of its use. It has been proven that different LED lights can treat different skin conditions and by combining this light treatment with your daily natural skincare routine, you can get closer to your goal of having younger looking skin. For example, red lights are great for inflamed skin, blue lights are great for acne, yellow for giving you the needed anti-ageing treatment, green for skin pigmentation and so on.

Beauty Supplements to the Rescue

Taking vitamins for improving the overall health isn’t something new, but nowadays, the use of vitamins specially designed for the skin, hair and nails is on the rise. The reason is simple, they can help you prevent or stop having problems with your hair, nails or skin, with hair loss, chipped nails and old-looking skin being the most common issues.

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