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Spa Pools: The Reasons Behind the Trend

Hot water has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries, so it shouldn’t come as surprise swim spas are trendy for quite some time now. In Australia alone they’ve grown into popularity because they provide the best of both worlds – a spa and a pool for your own home.


If you’re still wondering whether to incorporate one in your backyard, and create your stress-free oasis, rest assured there are versatile spa pools Sydney and Australia round so you can certainly find the right design for you no matter the budget or lifestyle. The following are some of the reasons behind the growing swim spa pool trend.

They Offer You Flexibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of person who appreciates a good swim, or loves spending precious time soaking in luxury, you get both from such a combination of spas and pools. Besides being spacious enough for swimming, they’re also equipped with massage jets and ergonomic features.

That being said, you can use spa pools both for staying fit and relaxing with hydrotherapy. With the help of the water jets, you’d catch up with the benefits of massage trends without resorting to massage as we know it.

Fun Throughout the Whole Year


It’s no secret that pools can only be used for a limited number of months in the year? Well, this isn’t the case with hot tub pools. These types of pools give you the chance to use both cold and hot as you see fit. So, you have the opportunity to make the most of this investment year-round. This is particularly the case with places where there are no harsh winters with snow.

Not to mention, even if you decide to extend your regular pool season with the help of an electric or gas heater, there’s the fact it will affect your wallet considerably and the water still won’t be as hot as with a swim spa. If you want to extend your season and have a blast with outdoor parties at your teak furnished outdoor space without increasing your expenditures, you know what to go for!

Lower Initial and Running Costs

Unlike an expensive in-ground pool that costs you a great deal both initially and when maintaining it, the spa pools Sydney and other metropolitan areas have gone mad about won’t break your bank. Not only do they retain heat due to their insulation, but you can also protect them from debris with suitable covers designed to provide the right fit. So, you’d get to cut down on buying cleaning supplies and using harsh chemicals to maintain them.

There’s need to buy accessories either, like pool cleaners and backwash hoses. The filters in spa pools are created to filter water much better than regular pool filters, meaning they get rid of smaller particles of debris thus keeping the water cleaner. This being said, they’re the perfect solution also if you’re ready to make the switch from an in-ground pool and want to reduce your cleaning chores.

Moreover, considering they’re somewhat smaller and easier to maintain, you have less upkeep and care to think about! Translation: less time spent on chores and more spent on soaking up and reaping the benefits of swimming and relaxing.

Quick Installation


You know what ease of installation means right? The sooner it’s installed, the sooner you can use your swim spa! With in-ground pools, there’s too much work to tear apart your yard and prepare the site. And then after all the mess is done, you need to install the pool, and in the end clean all of it before the use.

This process could take days, if not weeks to be completed, which isn’t the case with the spas with a “plug and play” design that needs little groundwork and electrical installation to hook it up to an outlet. If you wish, there are in-ground spas too, just be aware you won’t be able to enjoy that soon with them.

Ideal Design for Smaller Homes

Now that people are getting more focused on sustainability and investment in environment-friendly prefab constructions both for homes and summer retreats, the trend is on living smaller and smarter rather than living large. With swim hot tubs you won’t have to worry about space because they come in smaller sizes than pools, so even if your backyard is relatively small you’d still find the adequate and compact tub for you.

An Improvement in Your Health


Sure, owning an in-ground pool offers health benefits of its own, but a spa pool can benefit your health in additional ways thanks to hydrotherapy. When swimming and soaking in it you can count on an improvement with cardiovascular health, nights of quality beauty sleep, lower blood pressure, stress reduction, lesser chances for headaches, alleviate aches and pains, and in some cases including experience weight loss.

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