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Spirits Essences: The Trendiest Way to Step Up Your Homebrewing Game

Distilled alcoholic beverages first appeared in Europe in the 12th century. Spirits are the result of capturing the unique distillate from corn and grains and are traditionally flavoured using herbs, spices, nuts and fruits.

Today, the use of flavouring essences is a popular way for home distillers to flavour their alcohol. When it comes to creating your own alcohol, you can follow the distillation process from scratch or you can distil a simple, so-called neutral spirit, something like vodka. Then you can add spirits essences to get a spirit that tastes like your favourite beverage. Even though it may seem hard to believe, but a spirit of drinkable quality can be produced this way.

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Everybody likes a good, cold drink when the hot summer days come. Whether it’s a gin cocktail or whiskey on the rocks, the enjoyment is even better when you know you produced the spirit just as you like it. The basic ingredient of a drink is the essence, which determines the flavour and the quality and character of the beverage. The range of spirit flavouring essences available on the market expands the options for flavours and finishes to copy many of the popular style spirits that can be found in the commercial bar products.

Discover the Magic of Spirit Flavours

Using spirit flavours is easier and faster than distilling from scratch and it’s much cheaper than buying your alcohol at a retail store. The process is very simple as long as you follow the instructions on the product and add the flavouring to your spirit in the prescribed quantity. After that, all you have to do is give it a good mixing and proudly enjoy your drink.

These flavourings will make a plain neutral spirit into whichever liquor flavour you prefer the most. You can choose spirits essences to create your own premium alcohol, from whiskey to rum to bourbon and more. You can find a large selection of spirit flavours including top-shelf spirit essences and explore your creativity. Each one of them is exclusively bottled with ultimate care, so it blends in perfectly with the concentration of the beverage.

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Whether you’re new to the distilling world or an already experienced distiller, these spirit flavours can make a big difference in your hobby. While some essences replicate or modify conventional classic, others introduce entirely new flavours to your spirit. The best thing about them is that you can have fun experimenting with spirit flavours enhancers and create perfect tastes.

Essence is the soul of the drink and the more you use the essence the better you would understand the tastes and the endless ways in which you can blend them to create unique flavours. Even more, it’s a great way to start enjoying your favourite drink without waiting for the spirit to age.

Historically, aging has been necessary as excess raw materials were inexpensive or in the case of rum, they were a waste product and costly to dispose of. Cheap raw materials were converted into potable alcohol and aged to improve their smoothness.

Oak barrels were used to remove unwanted flavours and alcohols. Raw spirit from some of these products can taste desperately, but even worse, they can be dangerous, so that’s why aging is important, but not when you home distil.

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If you like the “aged in a cask” flavour, then you could add oak chips to give it the desired flavour. The oak flavour is often associated with fine dining and drinking and oak chips, bourbon chips and staves are great options for adding a more natural, crafty flavour to your spirit.

Whiskey Flavourings

These are some of the most popular choices and for a good reason. We all know whiskey is a bold drink and it’s for everyone and the ability to customise your whiskey is a great opportunity for any whiskey enthusiast. There are many flavour combinations and the use of spirit essences gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your whiskey to accommodate any flavour palette.

Rum Flavourings

If you like rum, then you’ll love the rum flavouring essences. Whether you’re making a light brew to be used in cocktails or a dark one to be enjoyed neat, you can find a variety of rum flavoured essences that can transform or bolster an old recipe or bring new and amazing ideas.

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Another way to use these essences is to boost the taste of some desserts and add the rum’s unique flavour to them. So, besides using it for cocktails, you can use a rum flavour enhances to make delicious desserts and share them with family and friends.

Brandy Flavourings

Brandy lovers are known for their exceptional taste and if you’re one, you’re most likely looking for a specific brandy taste, so why not trying to create it at home? If you don’t want to change your brandy, then you can enhance its quality and create a new experience with this good, old drink.

Even if you’ve never distilled before and maybe you don’t have access to neutral spirits, you can still try spirit flavours and try out your tasting and blending skills. It’s very simple and easy, you just need to get a bottle of store-bought gin, vodka, whiskey, brandy, or any other drink, add the flavouring as prescribed and give your taste buds fun and enjoyment.

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