Street Apparel: Gear Up with the Trendiest Streetwear Brands

In the history of the fashion industry, there have been some crazy fashion trends. Today aside from mask, which is now the biggest visual change in the streets, a cool, different (or you can call it crazy too) trend we’ve been seen is streetwear. Through the last few years, the style has gained increased popularity and has made a truly unexpected impact on fashion.

Why Is Streetwear so Popular?

Street apparel was first made popular in the early 2000’s thanks to skaters and their surprising influence on pop culture. Then, everyone from models to musicians started to be seen in casual streetwear clothing. As you know, fashion is heavily influenced by what people see on social media, and models and influencers are often the ones to set the bar when it comes to what’s on-trend. Once these famous people are seen in designer streetwear, you know it’s cool.

street apparel brands

The style, which started with sneakers, oversized t-shirts and hoodies, now includes many other items that are no longer perceived as something you just throw on when you go grocery shopping or go to the gym. Brands, such as the widely popular Supreme, have made it clear that fashion can draw its inspiration from people from the street. Many other brands have realized the popularity of the street style and street apparel can now be seen anywhere you go. Here are some of the most influential street apparel brands of all times.


Supreme is an NYC brand that, over the years, has stayed true to its name – supreme over everyone else! Although the brand is well known for its popular boxed logo, it totally thinks out-of-the-box with its marketing moves, limited-edition apparel and quirky merch. The brand has gained the respect of huge names in fashion, collaborating with North Face, Nike, Louis Vuitton and many other successful brands.


Nike is a well-known name in the world of sports, Hip Hop and fashion. You can commonly see the big athletes and stars rocking their gear. Over time, they branched out into caps, activewear and accessories for men and women. Your streetwear outfit won’t be complete without a pair of kicks from the best in the sneaker game!


This German footwear brand has sure left its mark on the market with its three-stripe logo. The right moves Adidas did, like working with legendary musicians like Kanye West and Pharrel Willians, have helped the brand keep things fresh and remain relevant and versatile over the years.

Adidas Yeezy


The streetwear brand Yeezy is the result of Kanye West’s passion for Hip Hop and Fashion. His line is futuristic but retro also with lots of designer pieces. Whether you are a Kanye West fan or not, he is one of the best style icons and musicians of our time. Yeezy brought new life into sneaker culture with a collaboration with Adidas. Kanye said in a radio interview that he had an issue while working with Nike, and this pushed him to collaborate with Adidas to make his line of Yeezy sneakers.


Champion is owned by the same company behinds Hanes. After a century in the market, the brand still offering a variety of affordable, high-quality apparel that has a subtle appeal. The brand’s joggers, activewear, hoodies and sweatshirts made them one of the coolest brands around.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

The brand Polo line become a major hit in the streets when rappers and Hip Hop dancers started to wear colourful designs during performances and photoshoots. A group called the “Lo Lifes” sparked the trend in the late ’80s by wearing Polo everywhere they went.

While the fashion world is constantly changing with new trends and styles being bought in every season, it feels like designer streetwear isn’t going anywhere fast. With good quality clothing and clever marketing tricks, the streetwear hype is yet to die out. When it comes to how to dress streetwear on a budget, the secret is to go for simplicity first and foremost. Logos and branding are a no-go as these only work if they’re from bonafide hype brands. You’ll also want to get items from a palette of black, white and grey.

Fit should be taking into consideration too. As a rule of thumb, your bottom half should steer slim and be cuffed at each hem and whatever you wear up top should have a loose, more directional cut (t-shirts or technical jackets). With your accessories, stick to white and black, and again, avoid fussy details and branding. Long-sleeved T-shirts in basic white and black, adorned with specific inscriptions, are incredibly easy to combine with any other item from your closet. You can wear them with cargo pants and a pair of white sneakers to get an effortless yet stunning look that is the epitome of urban fashion. A few well-chosen items are all you need to rock your streetwear with confidence.

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