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Sweet Fever Time – Brought By Moscato Wine

Wine trends, just as is the case with fashion, come and go. For example, after the few memorable scenes in the movie Sideways, where the main character refuses to drink Merlot and explains why he is so into Pinot Noir, wine lovers across the globe decided to do the same. This has had a very negative impact on the consumption of Merlot.


Similar story with Rose. Here it was the Brangelina effect (you know as in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). After the release of their first wine, Chateau Miraval in 2012, Rose was the go-to wine. And in the past year, it is the Moscato wine that is getting all the attention. With celebrities like Drake and Lil’ Kim rapping about Moscato, no wonder the demand for it has been on the rise and this trend is expected to continue in the next few years. Once considered the daggy member of the white wine family, today Moscato is one of the most favoured white wines.

From Italy to the US and Australia, the number of fans of sweet Moscato wine is increasing. And so are the varieties of this wine. For example, Australian wine makers are taking particular interest in introducing Moscato’s sweet side to wine enthusiasts. There are different types and blends of Moscato wine available on the market, something for everyone. You can either look for it in your local liquor shop or online where you can easily search by year, region, producer and price and have the bottle or few delivered to your door.

The Moscato we suggest (and the one that has captured the attention of wine fans) is the Pink Moscato. It is usually made with the Muscat Blanc grape and a hint of red wine, but it can be found as a blend of both Blank and Black Muscat grape.


Moscato’s Aromatic & Flavour Profile

Just saying the name out loud gives us the feeling of something sweet and sophisticated. It is popular by its sweet aroma, light-body, low alcohol content, semi-sparkling and spritzy character and of course, its dazzling fruit core. It has yellowish kind of colour with occasional hints of gold. If you smell it, you can literally feel the divine aromas of almond, orange blossom, ginger, citrus tones, green grapes and nuances of ripe peaches.

Depending on the fruity focus, depends the price of Moscato wine. The cheaper Moscato wines have more fruity focus with a decent dose of sweet hues, while the higher priced ones are more sugar-free and have hints of apricots, stonefruit and peaches.

Muscato Wine Pairings

When it comes to desserts, Muscato need sto be served chilled. It goes best with fresh berries, apple desserts, summer salads, hazelnut desserts, meringue pies and cakes. Since it has lower alcohol content it is a great aperitif and cheese banquet aperitif.

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