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The Game-Changing Lighting Trends We Should All Know

Lighting is becoming a more and more important aspect redarding the creation of sophisticated design. In order for any room to ooze with harmony and have charming qualities, one needs to know the art of layering regarding different types of lighting. To achieve the perfect lighting you’ll need to rely on different fixtures, shades and unique styles which are categorized in three types: ambient lighting, task lighting and wall washing. It’s amazing how with just a few simple details, such as lighting products, we can create real décor drama.

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Task Lighting

Task lighting can be defined as a specific type of lighting that makes it possible for many activities to be performed without a problem, once daylight is gone. It is most suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices and other utility work spaces. Nevertheless, contrast plays a large and important role. For example, if the ligth source is positioned wrongly, it may cause reduction in contrast and thus lower the visibility. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the most crucial element of task lighting in general is not to increase the visibility, but to improve the contrast. For this reason, whenever you use task lighting, the general lighting can be reduced.

Accent Lighting

This type focuses on lighting a specific area. It is most effective when it illuminates and highlights artwork, pictures, prominent architectural pieces and sculptures. The most common types of accent lights include: torchere lamps, track lighting, scones and floodlights. The powerful brightness of this type of light offers a visual accent to the room. In some cases, accent lighting can illuminate outdoor areas, such as walkways, stairways in casinos and the cinema. Another practical use of this type of illumination includes the front or back yard as to open up the view and make any garden even more beautiful.

Wall Washing

This lighting trend is a miracle maker in a way because it can make any room feel bigger by combining several lighting products that are mounted on the wall or any vertical surface. To do wall washing correctly, you’ll need to spread the light all over the walls by using a special wall wash trim, hence creating a unique perspective, where the room gains more “space”. Wall washing is mostly used for art galleries, hotels, museums and modern homes.

For a lot of people, lighting is considered the most vital part of a home’s functionallity, yet they fail to see the larger picture. With the right combination of lighting you can transform your home in to a better and warmer place to live, meaning – apart form functionality, it has a lot to do with the aesthetics of a home.

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