The Latest Perfume Lovers Trends

Every fragrance is designed to make us feel irresistibly seductive, happy and self-confident. However, there are so many fragrances available on the market, it is difficult to find new signature perfume and when it comes to gifting one, things get really complicated.

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The latest perfume trend features fragrances which have a mild sugary flavor, whether they are designed for men, women or are unisex. Even though all these fragrances have unique scent, know that perfume and its notes determine your character and are your aromatic signature, thus choose carefully. According to the notes they contain, perfumes are divided in several different categories.

  • Floral
  • Fruit
  • Chypre
  • Oriental

Each group is unique and differ from each other not only in content but in purpose as well. For example, certain fragrances are specifically designed to be worn during the day, others are suitable for evenings and others should be worn on special occasions, depending on whether they are “light” or “heavy.” Whichever fragrance you choose, it should always blend with your personality and feelings. An interesting fact is that the characteristics, durability and density of scent change depending on your skin type. You’ve most likely already noticed that same perfume does not smell exactly the same on you and your friend, for example.

When choosing a perfume, do it always before lunch because then your sense of smell is the strongest. When deciding between two perfumes, before you complete your purchase, test both on your skin. Apply one on one hand and the other on the other and wait few minutes to fully feel fragrances. It is recommended to test perfume on your skin and not clothes because every fragrance reflects differently depending on skin type. It is important to remember that you should not test more than 2-3 perfumes on your skin at the same time, otherwise you risk the fragrance to change its smell. Best places to apply perfume are wrists, neck and pulsing points of the body as these places are warmer and intensify the scent of a perfume.

Quality branded perfumes like Roberto Cavalli perfumes, Chanel, Dior, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, etc., have strong and lasting scents even with only one or two sprays. Do not overdo though as you may achieve the opposite effect. If you want to buy Roberto Cavalli perfume or others branded (latest, limited editions, favorite) perfumes, visit one of the best supplied Australian online stores

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