The latest trend in summer wines

summer wine

Enjoying a glass of white or red wine after a long busy day at work is really good. A glass of wine not only relaxes you, but is also good for your health, especially cardiovascular system and immune system. Wine experts claim that the older the wine, the better. But, we all know that the wine world changes constantly. There are so many new grape varieties that become popular each year, which is why the wine trends change so often.

One of the newest trends in wine packing is screw cap. Traditionally, the wines with screw caps were considered to be a very low class wines, but the newest trend shows something different. Growing number of wine producers in France, New Zealand and United States are using screw cap because of the perfect bottle closure which prevents oxidation.

Here is a list of the latest trends in summer wines:

  1. Pizzolato Moscato Dolce – This wine is Italian, from Treviso and made of organic grape. It is sweet with peach flavor. It goes very well with toasted bread with cream cheese, omelet, cocktail and many other kinds of cheeses.
  2. Donnafugata – Anthilia – The flavor is fresh, fruity and little bit herbal on the nose. It goes perfect with berry salad, grilled chicken with many herbs and with fish.
  3. Vinnum Cellars – Chardonnay – This wine features smells of vanilla, citrus and French oak. It can be combined with strawberries and grilled salmon.
  4. Mont Garvet – Cotes de Gascogne – This wine comes from France and smells like peach, lemon and reminds of fresh summer days. It goes perfectly with fresh summer salads.
  5. SeaGlass – Santa Barbara Pinot Noir – It has a flavor of red cherry and strawberry, but when you taste it, it’s really fresh and nice. This wine pairs very well with grilled salmon, roasted pork and crunchy bread.
  6. Lamatum – Ribera del Duero Crianza – This Spanish wine has mellow, rich and full flavor of sweet fruits, vanilla and clove. It pairs great with grilled food and cheeses.
  7. Chateau Grand Claret – Cotes de Bordeaux – This southwestern French wine has rich black cherry and caramel flavor and can be combined with lamb, chicken, spicy food and cheeses.

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