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The New Ergonomic Design Of Hyster Forklifts Sets New Trends

Hyster is one of the leading manufacturers for high-quality forklifts and other material-handling equipment. Today, this popular American brand offers a wide range of material handling machines, such as: large container handlers and forklifts for warehouse operations. Hyster was established in 1929 by E.G.Swigert under the name Willamette-Ersted Company. 60 years later, NACCO Industries,Inc. bought this American-based company and renamed it to Hyster. Today, Hyster enjoys a reputation of being a reliable manufacturer of forklift trucks and other types of material handling machines. The Hyster forklifts are widely known for their powerful performance, stability and unique ergonomic design. Perfect even for the most demanding lifting applications.


The unique and ergonomic design is what makes the Hyster forklifts to be number one choice for many business owners. The engineers at Hyster did their best to produce forklifts that are easy to work and maintain. No other forklifts can compare with the unique ergonomic design of the Hyster forklifts. These powerful machines are designed according to the operators needs. All Hyster forklifts come with comfortable seats, tilt steering wheels and extra head and leg room.

The forklifts from Hyster feature unique ergonomic design that enables the operators to complete tasks more efficiently and with less effort. The Hyster forklifts are designed with cabins which are more spacious and uncluttered when compared with other forklift trucks. The operator’s seat can be adjusted according to operator’s needs, so that he can reach the brakes and the steering wheel without putting too much effort. All Hyster forklifts are designed to provide the operators better visibility while handling the loads. Furthermore, the Hyster forklifts include ventilation systems for more comfortable working environment. Another thing that makes the Hyster forklifts to stand out on the market is the noise protection. This is probably one of the most important features that needs to be considered when buying a forklift.

Most people prefer to go with Hyster forklifts, due to the modernized display panel. It’s easier for operators to diagnose certain problem or to get necessary information, once they have everything in front of them on a big display. The modernized display panel includes 16 warning lights, 5 gauges, and dual LCD function. The Hyster forklifts also include floor mats to create that soft feel, and steel doors with tempered glass to reduce the noise level and vibration. With its modern forklifts, Hyster managed to set a new trend in the manufacturing industry for material handling equipment.

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