The Newest Camping Trend: Roof Top Tents

Picture this: you arrive at your designated campsite, you set up your tent and you’re ready to call it a night after an entire day of driving through the hellish Australian heat. You go inside the tent, get in your sleeping bag, only to realize that you set up the tent on an uneven or lumpy surface. You’re too tired to go over the entire process of taking down and setting up your tent again, so you decide you’d rather let it be this way.

You finally fall asleep, only to be woken up in a few hours by a pool of water in your tent, even though your rainfly was perfectly secure. However, you camped in a low spot and you’re now completely soaked. This has happened to more people than you might think, and it can all be avoided now by taking advantage of the newest camping trend – roof top tents.



These tents can be attached to your trailer or vehicle, and they’ve completely redefined the term “car camping”. There are numerous benefits of using roof top tents over conventional tents and here are some of the biggest ones.

You’re Completely Elevated Off the Ground

The biggest benefit of sleeping in a roof top tent is the fact that you’re completely off the ground. This protects you from all sorts of creepy crawlies and animals in general, and you’ll never have to worry about sleeping on an uneven or rocky surface as long as you’re parked properly.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Set It Up

These tents are very easy to set up – you don’t have to worry about tent pegs, the surface, tripping over guy lines, etc. All you need to do is just pull the tent up, take off the cover, open it and extend the ladder. Additionally, a roof top tent is accompanied by a thick foam mattress designed to keep you warm and comfortable, so you don’t have to buy a mattress to sleep on. Moreover, these tents are lightweight yet waterproof, and they provide excellent isolation. But even if the model you opt for isn’t that lightweight, you have nothing to worry about as your car is doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

More Spacious Than a 2-Person Tent

Since weight isn’t a problem, you can opt for a larger roof top tent, even if you’re camping by yourself. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about camping space – you just need enough space to park your car. Additionally, you can use the interior of your car to store most of the items you bring along with you.

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