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The Newest Generation of Screw Feeder Machines

There is an increasing demand for screw feeder machines all around the world for daily industrial production processes. The screw feeder machines come in different sizes, shapes and dimensions, designed for light and heavy-duty applications. They are usually assembled in the workstations or are positioned by automated production systems. However, that is not important as delivering and positioning the screw feeder accurately and correctly, so it can guarantee efficient and reliable operation.

In the recent years, the screw feeder manufactures have developed improved screw feeder machines. Th screw feeder manufacturers had only one goal: to combat the variations in the feeder speed. Most screw feeder manufacturers have accomplished this goal, and the screw feeders produced today are capable to transport the screw with a continual feeding speed. These systems include many new features that improve the processing reliability and their function. Also, the new generation of screw feeders feature a measurement sensor that monitors the vibration amplitude in the feed bowl, allowing in this way automatic regulation.

The Newest Generation of Screw Feeder Machines

The new generation of screw feeder machines offer specific settings, adapted for one operator only. It is very complicated to adjust the data for another operator, and in most cases this is only possible if it is performed by technicians. So, this process is commonly avoided. The screw feeders today are capable to determine the speed of production by themselves, opening the door to operational inefficiencies. This might be the only problem which needs to be solved.

The comfort has also been an important consideration for the manufacturers when designing the new generation of screw feeder machines. The screw feeder manufacturers are focused on providing more operator-friendly systems. Redesigned and modernized, the system controllers are well designed and all unnecessary parameters from the display are removed so that only the most important parameters can be monitored. The processing reliability is also increased with daily counters and measurement of the assembly time.


What is new is the fact that few screw feeders can be set to operate together, meaning that the contractors can save a lot of time and money. However, for such operation the settings of each screw feeder must be adjusted by the manufactures. The biggest advantage of the new generation screw feeder machines is their ability to be integrated into a fully automatic production system.

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