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The Perfect Trendy Pram for Your Baby

Every mummy wants the best for her little one, that much is true, even before the little one is brought into this world. As soon as you find out the great news that you’re expecting, you probably get the urge like most of us, to set out on a shopping spree, get all what’s trendy and perfect, from clothing to furniture, and all sorts of accessories, but when it comes to the pram, you might feel puzzled. It’s not a matter of to have or not to have but rather which one to have as it’s bound to make it easier to get from one place to another with your baby.


Apart from trend hunting among what’s in with the celebrities, like the Beckhams, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Chris Hemsworth, and Gwyneth Paltrow in the world of prams (all fans of Bugaboo), you have to take certain aspects into consideration as well before you randomly make your pick.

Nowadays, with the option to buy baby prams online, you’re able to take a look at a wider range of trendy prams, and different brands. The reason this purchase is more convenient is because you get to buy from the comfort of your home, compare models and prices much faster and easier, without the waste of time. One important aspect to have in mind when you start your shopping is whether your baby is a newborn or already some months old. Newborns don’t have the support older babies do which is why buying a pram with the necessary support and reclining position is a must.

Once you’ve covered this, you might want to decide on the terrain different baby prams online are meant for. Do you live in a suburban area, in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life, or the country side? Bumpy terrains require more support, bigger wheels, straps, and a rear wheel suspension, and this refers to stairs as much as it does to the countryside. If you’re relying on travelling with the help of public transport, make sure it’s lightweight enough and compact so you’d be able to easily carry it in and out.


Then again, if you’re planning on using it in your car, it has to be just the right type of foldable. As for the side your bub would face, if you still can’t decide on that, you’re better off buying one with a reversible handle that would enable both the “facing you” and “facing the world” options. Be sure to take your height into account also, as it’s connected with the handles. If you or your partner are taller or shorter than average, you have to get a pram with adjustable handles. Hopefully these tips help you better speak the pram(ese) language and wisely buy your bundle of joy’s pram.

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