The RC Car Trend: More Versatile Than Real Cars

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In a world where we spend the majority of our days in front of our work computer at our desks and the largest part of our free time in front of our home computers at our desks, it is nothing short of a miracle that a non-digital hobby like the RC cars is still as popular as it is. It stands as a testament to both the fun that the activity provides as well as the dedication of the people that enjoy doing it that it has remained relevant among the tidal wave of different games, shows and other hobbies we get flooded by on a day to day basis. But is there a reason why this particular hobby is so popular? Well the answer is yes and no.

While there must be a reason why this particular activity is so popular in comparison to others, the exact cause can’t be quantified as there are many people who are interested in it and since they are very different from one another, it can be said with relative certainty that their reasons for enjoying RC cars are different as well. But, there are still some similarities that they share and aspects of the hobby that appeals to if not all then most of them.

One of the most interesting things is the sheer versatility of the special RC off road cars which can go over so many different terrains that the the title of this text is justifiably true. But, while it is fun to just set your RC car down and see how many obstacles it can overcome before it is inevitably stopped by a branch or a particularly large mole hill, you can have more fun if you design a course for it to go through yourself.

The benefits of making your own obstacle course are threefold. Firstly you can spend as much time designing and building it as you’d like, from the largest bends to the smallest rocks on the path. Secondly you can test not only the design of your RC off road cars and how they can handle the track that’s laid before them, but also your ability to guide them through it. And lastly, you can gather some like minded individuals that take pleasure in the same hobby and either stage group races or just have fun going around bumping into each other. The possibilities as well as the time you can spend on this activity are limitless.

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